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Hornell Police Department reports for June 22, 2023

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Maple City officers talk down a man with knife, tend to car-bicycle accident and more

From the City of Hornell Police Department,

12:08am Veterans Memorial Park. Field Interview Report  with 4 subjects..

12:20am Park Drive. Courtesy transport to Scott St.

12:45am Property check.

12:48am Thacher St. Filed Interview Report with 3 subjects.

12:58am Property check.

1:10am    Property check.

1:16am    Property check.

1:44am    Property check.

3:08am    Property check.

3:10am    2am-6am parking tickets. 3 issued.

3:26am    Property check.

4:55am    Seneca St. Mental Health complaint. Subject locked in bathroom with knife. Subject taken to St. James for evaluation.

6:01am    Property check.

7:34am    East Washington St. Juvenile complaint. Juvenile upset with mother. Parties calmed. Situation handled.

8:26am    Hill St. Assist Parole. Subject arrested on Parole warrant.

9:18am    Ransom St. Medical Emergency. Subject having seizure. Turned over to HFD.

9:55am    Seneca St.  Property Retrieval. Officers stood by as subject retrieved property from a residence.

10:06am   South Division St. Juvenile incident. Juvenile riding bicycle in a dangerous manner. Officer spoke with juvenile and parent.

10:34am   Headquarters. Lost trailer plate. Lost plate form issued.

11:14am   Seneca St. Traffic stop. Operator advised.

1:28pm  Bennett St. Dog complaint. Dog coming onto property. Owner advised to keep dog on her own property.

1:51pm  Olive Place. Juvenile incident. Juveniles arguing on Olive Place. Juveniles separated.

2:24pm  Elizabeth St. Noise complaint. Subject revving motorcycle.  All parties spoken too.

3:27pm  Headquarters. Handicapped parking permit issued.

3:32pm  Buffalo St. Check welfare. Officer spoke with subject. Subject ok.

4:19pm  Maple City Drive. Disabled vehicle. Vehicle gone upon arrival.

4:53pm  Adsit St. Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued.

5:25pm  Seneca St. Field Interview Report.

5:48pm  Hornell Plaza. Disturbance. Subject causing problems at business. Harassment investigation opened.

6:04pm  East Main St.  Motor Vehicle vs. Bicycle accident. Minor injuries. Report taken.

8:10pm Hornell Plaza. Juvenile incident. Juvenile refusing to leave store. Turned over to mother.

8:21pm  Grand St. Custody issue. Officer resolved same.

8:37pm  Hornell St. Neighbor dispute. Parties separated and advised of rights.

8:58pm  Hakes Ave. Check welfare. Subject was passed out and now got up and walking down Hakes Ave. Subject gone upon officers arrival.

9:30pm  Main St. Traffic stop. Operator advised.

9:49pm  Loder St. Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued.

10:15pm Canisteo St. Neighbor dispute. Officer advised parties of their rights.

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