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By Craig Braack

Update on the search for Phyllis Potter of Westfield PA

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The 84 year old has been missing since July 21

By Andrew Harris

After some time spent on the social media page dedicated to searching for Phyllis Potter, there is no good news to report. A large search using all available assets has not provided any clues about what happened to the 84 year old from Tioga County Pennsylvania.

Phyllis was last seen west of her home town at a gas station in Harrison Valley Pennsylvania.

Volunteers on the ground are clearly frustrated by the lack of success but also by the lack of coordination between ground, air, and “armchair quarterbacks.”

This morning one of the lead volunteers posted this on the Facebook page, The Search for Phyllis Potter:

MISSING PERSON: PHYLLIS POTTER 84 years old from Westfield PA 16950 401 Whitaker Rd.

✅Driving ️2009 White Subaru Outback PA plate DKL1425

✅️Last seen in Potter Brook 5am Friday July 21(she stayed at Emily Cary’s Thursday night because of the storm) Left without taking her overnight bag of clothes.

✅️Has been entered as a Missing Endangered Person Alert (PA does not participate in the Silver Alert Program, which is why one has not been issued for her) so any police agency coming into contact with her or her vehicle will know she is a Missing Person and who to contact if located

✅️Common areas frequented and her house are being checked and rechecked. 10 miles around her house has had plane search, walkers, Drivers and Drone coverage.House was searched on Saturday before the first alert.

⛔️No activity on bank accounts – Does not have a credit card to check for activity – Office of the Aging is monitoring the bank in cooperation with the State Police.

⛔️️No GPS or tracking system in vehicle to track

⛔️No cell phone to ping

⛔️ Due to her being in a vehicle, K9 teams do not feel they would be helpful at this time

️Best ways to help:

1) Check in at Westfield Community Center to get assigned search route. Make sure you’re checking along/over banks not just on the roadways.

2) Check any of your personal cameras that show roadways for vehicle matching description driving by and provide date time and direction of travel to family in charge of search party.If any business or ring camera looks toward the road can review footage from Friday 5 am. If we can see where she was or no sign of her on the the road, we can reconstruct where she was headed. House and Cemetaries are checked several times a day for her possible return to those places.

3) SPREAD THE WORD! Share her picture, vehicle description and plate!

4) If you see someone matching her description or vehicle matching description – TRY TO IDENTIFY/VERIFY PLATE FIRST AND CALL 911 IF FOUND!!!

5. If you see something suspicious call us or Justin with the drone to check it out. If you find the car and verify the plate do not approach unless obvious signs of life. Call 911, then try to get us. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES AND POST ON FACEBOOK. The police and resque need to have room for them to get to you and secure the area.

We really really appreciate all who are trying to find her for us, Vicki Willis

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