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Welcome to the Hornell Sun

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By Andrew Harris, Publisher

Photo by Melanie Hunt

Hello Maple City! It is my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new day in local news for Hornell and the surrounding communities. We’ve watched as the corporate raiders took control of the local newspaper and used the explosion of the world wide web to consolidate the effort. That effort to exploit the small town news source has had disastrous consequences.

Community news has nearly disappeared, coverage of local government is limited, and the ability to advertise to a local marketplace is limited. I think we can all agree that social media is not a substitute for community news, it’s just a delivery service.

The Hornell Sun is beginning its mission to change that for the Hornell community. Our site will focus on the news made by you, readers and everyday citizens, please consider contributing. The “Sun” will be showcasing students and student athletes, sharing that good news and giving the up and coming generation the recognition deserved. Many of us remember, “having our picture in the paper,” and that feeling of pride. Our family bought ten copies and made sure everyone saw the news, my mother still has them!

Today we have largely lost the print paper, but we can still “share” ten copies of a story that moves us, includes us, or has a great picture of a family member. The essence is still the same, we take interest and pride in our communities, and the Hornell Sun wants to help reclaim that. The Hornell Sun has a Facebook page we hope you will “like” and use to interact with other readers.

Under the direction of veteran journalist John Anderson, readers will enjoy local stories that bring out the best of Hornell and the people in surrounding communities. He wants to hear your news tips, feel-good stories, sad goodbyes, and he wants to hear from the whistleblowers. John knows Hornell: He worked for the Tribune in 1992 as a wide-eyed sports writer and served as the editor from 2012 to 2016.

The Hornell Sun will be an active media operation and takes the role of the fourth estate seriously. We want to help government function better by providing voters, taxpayers, and citizens the best information possible. Elected officials: We welcome and encourage you to use this site to communicate openly with constituents, the platform is wide open.

So we invite you to start sending your news ideas and first hand information, even photos and videos of breaking news. The readers of the modern daily publication are the news and a partner in the delivery service. We hope to inform you and include you by extending this invitation of partnership. The Hornell Sun will not be successful without you.

Do you enjoy writing ? This could be your big break! We are already working with some great columnists and contributors, send us your pitch and let’s discuss!

Funeral home operators and families will have a new outlet to post obituaries and honor lost loved ones. This publication will have obituaries posted the same day we receive them, and at a fraction of the cost. Please contact us at for more information or with obituaries that are ready to be published.

Business owners and potential advertising customers: This is a new way to reach potential customers, job applicants, and strengthen your brand. You won’t find “Google ads,” or a space cluttered up with marginal advertisements that dilute your investment. The Hornell Sun is seeking sponsors and partners who are ready to work together in creating a vibrant community news sources that provides real return on advertising investment. We understand branding in the digital world, and we have flexible advertising options in place.

We could not be happier to have Hornell’s own Billie Jo Klees as our sales representative! Hornell is her hometown and she has many years experience in advertising services. Email Billie Jo at, tell her about your brand, goals for 2022, and lets start working together!! You probably already know each other!!

Are you wondering what to expect from the Hornell Sun? Check out our sister site in neighboring Allegany County, The Wellsville Sun

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