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Much Love Hornell !!

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Thank you to all who read and support this fledgling effort to “re-localize” the news. Please support our sponsors below!!

By Andrew Harris, Publisher

The Hornell Sun has only been publishing a daily mix of local news, sports, and culture in the Maple City for a few weeks but the reception has been heartwarming. Whenever a person, or a community, opens the door and embraces your ideas and efforts it acts as fuel, as inspiration.

Your feedback has been important and will continue to be essential for rebuilding a community news source. While this might have been our big idea, the “Sun,” belongs to the community and it will shine brightly with Hornell behind it. With your support as advertisers, contributors, supporters, readers, and newsmakers this site can grow into something great.

We intend to pay back that support in several ways. To start this site will be free to access: No subscriptions, no paywalls, no surveys or mailing lists required. We’ll even take that a step further by focusing on local advertising, not pop-up ads sent by Google. Our business will be to help local firms promote their products and services affordably and effectively. Potential advertisers: We think you will find value in the service and savings in the cost. Hornell’s own Billie Jo Klees is ready to talk more about that future, just shoot her an email,

Part of our motivation is a reaction to the consequences of the mass corporatization of the media and the news. Not only has it led to a disconnect between communities and the media, but a distrust. It has become clear that massive media conglomerates and corporations do not have the best interests of local communities in mind. If you don’t have advertising needs but still want to support our effort, please consider a monetary contribution. Access to our Paypal account can be found on the right hand side of this page. If you would rather send a contribution another way, you can email

Of course you might not want to advertise or send financial support, no problem. Are you involved in a area civic group, sports team, art project, or local government? We want to hear from you community newsmakers!! Send your stories, student achievements, meeting agendas/minutes, or your opinions. Let’s bring back the art of the “Letter to the Editor!” Email us anytime at

The readers of this site are the bottom line. Enjoy the site, share a story you like on social media or email the link to a friend. Follow us on Facebook, comment on a story that interests you, invite some friends to do the same.

We hope this relationship is a long-term one and our goals of serving Hornell and the surrounding community with quality news, sports and culture stand the test of time. Thank you for all the love so far.

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