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1 in 345 children are afflicted with Cerebral Palsy

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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that affect body movement and muscle coordination. It is one of the most common motor disabilities to appear in childhood.

Cerebral palsy is a result of brain damage or abnormal brain development that affects an individual’s ability to control their muscles. It is most likely to develop within the first month following a child’s birth, or even during the first years of their life when their brain is still developing.

Doctors and scientists used to believe that cerebral palsy was predominantly a result of oxygen deprivation during birth. However, recent research suggests that this actually accounts for a small number of cases. Congenital cerebral palsy, which is caused by abnormal brain development or damage occurring before or during birth, accounts for the majority (85%-90%) of all cases.

People with severe cerebral palsy may need to use special equipment to walk. Individuals with mild cerebral palsy, on the other hand, may show few symptoms. Although this disorder does not worsen with time, its presentation can change.

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