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Sunset Along the Canisteo River by Janie L. Ferguson.

Exploring the Western NY Wilds: Bob Confer launches new page dedicated to the “wilds”

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Western New York nature writer creates new Facebook page dedicated to Mother Nature

By Andrew Harris, photo of Alma Pond by Bob Confer

Do you enjoy Bob Confer’s writing about our nature as much as I do? In just a few weeks Bob has covered topics like river otters, wild food, butterflies, and turkey vultures. Each article gives readers great information and insight into the natural world we all live in, and often wonder about.

If you want more of these windows into what is going on in our natural world from Bob, he will not disappoint. Visit Exploring the Western NY Wilds and read about many of the topics that don’t appear on the Sun as full articles. The page is a great way to interact with Confer, who is always keen to answer questions and interact with his readers.

Thanks Bob!!! Your writing is great information and provides anyone who reads a happy connection to the subjects many of us consider “wild.”

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