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Column: Cathy Young for US Congress

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The former NYS Assemblywoman and Senator would be a great US Representative

By Andrew Harris

Regardless of how the new US Congressional district boundaries end up being chopped up, western New York has an opportunity, if Cathy Young will get back in the game.

As most know, Tom Reed has resigned, again, another Congressman from the district has disappointed constituents and marginalized our district. Eric Massa was so kind as to drag us through a similar mud hole before Reed followed in his foot steps.

While I have the mic:

“Tom, you were on the way to being the next Amo Houghton, we were all proud of your position on the Problem Solvers Caucus, and your elevated presence in the media. That was great for the district in so many ways. Basically, quitting the job because you made a human error puts us, as a district, back to square one and that is not a great legacy.”

That off my chest, let me start the glowing about Cathy Young. As a small business owner, I can remember the day Cathy called to congratulate me and make sure I had her office contact information. A nice acknowledgement followed in the mail shortly. I, as an outspoken advocate for legal cannabis requested regular meetings with my state Senator. Cathy would welcome me into her office to talk about the issue, in disagreement but not judgement. When I started another small business in my very remote Allegany county home, Cathy came to the grand opening. She met my family, asked lots of questions, and followed up with a congratulations in the mail that I still have today. I’m not sure what more any citizen could ask from an elected official.

Tom Reed is off the boat and we need a captain. Frankly we need a female captain because based on the last two representatives this population has had, we need stability, a nurturer.

Cathy Young made her political career as a rural farm girl who understands the people she represents. She served without scandal or any nonsense at all for 14 years. Her record stands as a reasonable conservative voice, in sync with the people of her district and with a record of success. In my humble opinion, she would be the Minority Leader of the NYS Senate today had the chauvinistic power brokers in the state Republicans party not overtly insulted her.

We need a strong woman to represent the people of the current 23rd US Congressional District. Our last two Congressmen have been abject disappointments and have cost our population standing in the federal government. You might notice that these disappointments seem to befall the men who represent us, not so much the women. It is because their nature is to nurture: their families, their homes, their communities.

Cathy Young has the stature, the ethics, and the experience to go to Washington with the sensibilities of a mother, wife, leader, and all-around good person. Whatever this new district looks like, we need a nurturer and a leader like Cathy.

Cathy, I hope you are reading this and I hope you are considering the possibility of pursuing this seat representing me and my family in the US Congress.

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