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Hollerhorn Distillery and Restaurant destroyed by overnight fire

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Popular Naples destination gives thanks for all the support from the community

By Andrew Harris

I had a late 2021 feast at the Hollerhorn and what a great place, good people and totally unique. Sadly that facility was doomed by a massive fire last night, making for a real Friday the 13th nightmare for many. Of course the owners, staff, and families are facing the worst of the loss of what was a gorgeous venue.

Photo by Hollerhorn

Hollerhorn issued a statement today on Facebook, expressing the grief but quickly turning the conversation toward the outpouring of love the tragedy brought them.

“This is what our physical world looks like waking up this morning, and we cannot wrap our heads around it in any way right now. We are trying to remind ourselves that it is just wood, metal, concrete, and dirt, but we all know what it was, because we all, and you all put magic into the space inside and around the physical building. It was infused with the collective energy of a caring thoughtful community. In 24 hours we have felt the most extreme emotions in our lives, from terror watching our hard work burn and feeling the enormity of the road ahead, to feeling the most intense love and support we’ve ever felt. We are trying to answer the many texts, calls, emails, etc, but are scrambling to shore up the structure and deal with the investigation before the real clean up van begin. There are so many amazing people to thank, and we will do that in a proper way soon, but we wanted you all to know the outpouring of love and care right now is overwhelming and we feel it. We are humbled beyond words, and want to acknowledge your support, because it is astounding. From our neighbors and friends, to other distilleries and business owners offering free use of their spaces, this is such a reminder. This Community is 💚

Barbara Delore had this reaction, which seem so sum up the thoughts of many Hollerhorn fans:

My heart was broken when I saw the photos and talked to Paul. He was still in shock and at a loss for everything you have all been working so hard to accomplish together. Your family and the staff are pretty awesome and very strong despite your setback. It s quite amazing to see all the community and customers support for everyone at Hollerhorn. Hollerhorn will once again be an amazing destination for many people to enjoy.”

It sounds like Hollerhorn lives in spirit and will likely rise from these ashes and enjoy a rebirth.

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