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Dansville Airport Juxaposition by Amanda Sue Cornelius

Photo gallery: Cause for Paws at the Hornell Humane Society

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Photos by Syrena Lynn Carver

Kathy Dessena, Adele Dessena, Tracy Atherton, & Lauren Linehan (tye-dye); 2nd row: Kristina Cumberbatch, Michayla Hobric, Julie Johnson, Judy Hall, Blair Hall, [Ashlen Arias-Baird, Alaina Raish (inside the frame)] Trinity Ormsby, Brooklyn Ribble, Maria Sirianna, Christine MacNaughton, Sarah Campbell, Patty Libordi & Sandra Rapp. 3rd Row: Natalie Dodge, Bethany Hurd, Mary Alice Margeson, Linda Donaldson, Karen Vanskiver, & Olivia Vincent. Last row: Steve Morse, Rick Sutfin, Collen Sutfin, Shelly Laker, Kate Murphy, Jo Ellen York. Missing: Kelly Valentine, Larry Valentine, & Laura Stutzman.
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