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 John Kucko: Little Mill Creek in Wayland, NY

Annie’s Restaurant in Canisteo badly damaged by vehicle accident, driver charged with DWI

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A full size pickup crashed into the popular eatery overnight

By Andrew Harris

Steve Cotton found a scene of destruction this morning in downtown Canisteo and reported this:

“Woke up to this this morning. I’ve been told presumably a drunk driver. I’ve read on a fireman’s page it happened around midnight.”

Annie’s Restaurant, formerly Tony’s Store and Brennan Country Place, was seriously damaged in the crash. Owner Annie Osterwald reported:

“The building was hit by what I am assuming an impaired driver last night. Everyone is ok.”

Annie was right, the driver was arrested for drunk driving and other charges. Some local reports suggest that the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed in a 30mph zone. Read WETM’s full reporting:

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