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Hornell Wastewater Treatment Plant announces important upcoming survey

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About 50 large volume customers will be asked to complete the very important survey

By Andrew Harris

Rich Dunning and the crew at the Hornell Wastewater Treatment Plant need direct input from industrial businesses in the city. A survey will be distributed to about fifty operations that qualify based on criteria like volume or specific contaminants.

The goal of the survey according to Dunning, will help improve the overall wastewater operation, but also minimize the potential dangers to employees and the environment:

“With this kind of information we can control the kinds of industrial flow that can lead to pass-through of toxics through our sewage plant into the Canisteo River, we can also control metallic waste that would prevent us from land applying our sludge in farmer’s fields and it will help us protect sewage plant worker safety by ensuring that toxics form industry do not contact our workers.”

City of Hornell businesses who use large volumes or have toxic outflows please look for this survey in the mail in the coming weeks and help the city improve this vital service.

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