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20% Water and Sewer increase on the agenda for 7/18 City of Hornell meeting

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Read the agenda and the resolution to raise the utility rate



July 18, 2022

7 P.M.


                              HN 22-59    Water/Sewer Rate Increase

                              HN 22-60    Procure General City Credit Card

                              HN 22-61    Bond Resolution – Engineering Costs-Downtown Incitive

                              HN 22-62    Bond Resolution – Engineering Costs-Parks Improvements

                              HN 22-63    CDBG – WPCP Local Share Funding

                              HN 22-64    CDBG – WPCP Improvements – Certifying Officer

RESOLUTION HN 22-59 CITY OF HORNELL, NY              July 18, 2022

               Whereas, the City of Hornell recently completed a 6.87-million-dollar project to make necessary upgrades to the City’s Water Filtration Plant and,

Whereas, the project upgrades included two new water storage tanks, rehabilitation of Clarifier number 1, installation of fully automated process controls, valve and actuator replacement and,

Whereas, the City was awarded 3 million dollars to help fund the project and,

Whereas, the City borrowed 3.87 million dollars to fund the remaining balance of the project and,

Whereas, inflation has caused the cost of necessary process chemicals to exponentially increase at both the Water Filtration Plant and Water Pollution Control Plant and,

Whereas, the City of Hornell Common Council desires to raise revenues sufficient to meet the operational, maintenance, and capital needs required to operate the City’s water and sewer systems;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Hornell Common Council authorizes the following increases:

  1. Increase water and sewer rates by 20%.
  2. Increase water surcharge to $15.00 per year.
  3. Increase Chesapeake Bay Water Shed fee to $25.00 per year.

ADDITIONALLY, BE IT RESOLVED, that in consideration of the aforementioned increases, City of Hornell water rates continue to be the most affordable in the region, if not the entire State.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, this resolution shall take effect upon passage by the Common Council.

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