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Humanitarian response to Aug. 18-19 Flood noted by county leaders 

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The impact of hurricane Fred lingers one year later

The humanitarian response to the devastating impact of Tropical Storm Fred was highlighted by Steuben County officials on the first anniversary of the storm’s flash flooding Aug. 18-19, 2021.

Areas in southern Steuben experienced severe flooding, road closures, damage to scores of businesses, residences and one school, and the evacuation of numerous individuals from their homes.

“Steuben County has many selfless, dedicated volunteer and paid Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement personnel, and public works/highway staff who selflessly offered their assistance during that extremely difficult time,” said county Legislature Chairman Scott Van Etten, R-Caton. “While an event such as this has such an overwhelming impact on those that suffer losses, our history shows that kind of response to be a way of life here, and we can take heart in the fact it always will.”

In the wake of the catastrophe, the county Emergency Operations Center was activated and some 32 local, county and state response agencies participated in rescuing dozens of people forced from their homes during the flash flood, which occurred in the late hours of Aug. 18 and continued through Aug. 19.

The swift response last year was coordinated by county Public Safety Director Tim Marshall who oversaw the deployment of responders and subsequent relief efforts, according to county Manager Jack Wheeler.

“Tim’s decades of experience with emergency response were invaluable during this unparalleled crisis last summer,” Wheeler said. “We owe him and all our emergency responders and public works staff a debt of gratitude.”

Donations to assist residents still struggling with the impact of the flood are still being collected at the Woodhull Community Church.

A spokesman for the church said anyone wishing to donate may send a check made out to “Flood Relief” and sent to the Woodhull Community Church 5187 West Main Street, Woodhull, NY 14898.

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