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Federal judge strikes down major elements of the new NY state concealed weapons law

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NY State Senator George Borrello reacts

By Andrew Harris

A Syracuse based Federal Court has just ruled that the recently enacted NY gun laws are largely unconstitutional. The judge has issued a temporary order which halts enforcement of key provisions in the new law, mostly dealing with permit application process and carrying guns on private property.

State Senator Borrello immediately made this statement:


ALBANY – In response to today’s ruling by a federal judge striking down several provisions of New York’s one-month old concealed carry law as unconstitutional, Senator George Borrello made the following statement:  

“As I have said from the beginning, it was only a matter of time before this poorly drafted and unconstitutional law was struck down. It was nothing but bad election season theatrics.  

One Party Rule has failed to keep New Yorkers safe and New Yorkers know that. This unconstitutional virtue-signaling law, along with the package passed in June, were shameless attempts to distract attention away from the real, Democrat-created public safety crisis plaguing our state.”

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