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ICYMI: Check out “The Dolls” scary performance at the Andover Haunted House, must see video

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Wellsville’s award-winning choreographer Kate Martelle wows for the 25th anniversary

By Andrew Harris, photo by Kate Martelle

The creators of the Andover Haunted House are known for a Halloween season destination with endless imagination and…. spook. For the 25th year of the exhibition, the Andover Haunted House wanted something that was artistic and super creepy. Wellsville’s Kate Martelle answered the call and recruited a dance ensemble to produce just what Andover needed, an epic performance called “The Dolls.”

Check out the video of this scary techno dance created by Martelle:

We asked Martelle about the experience:

Kate owns and operates the Martelle Dance Academy in Wellsville NY

“It was great! We had a lot of fun! We performed 2 Saturdays, once an hour from 7-11pm. Between performances the dancers creeped around the outside of the Haunted House with the other actors. We performed on their 2 busiest weekends for hundreds of people each night. It was an honor to create something special for their 25th anniversary!”

The Andover Haunted House is a charitable effort that benefits several local non-profit organizations and helps fund the annual “world famous” 4th of July festivities. This weekend is the finale of the annual terror and will be capstoned with a fireworks display on Saturday 10/29 at dark.

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