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Hornell get ready for “Hush”

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Speakeasy style lounge is almost ready for a grand opening

News of a new venue is being whispered around Hornell, but not because it is a secret!!! “Hush” will be opening soon and offering a unique atmosphere: Think about hanging out in the 1920’s in a stealthy sidestreet pub. This woman-powered new business is sure to add to the downtown Hornell scene. The owners posted this online yesterday:

Hush. Cocktail Lounge is very close to opening its doors for Hornell, and it’s surrounding areas to enjoy! Located at 99 Main Street, we are a women-owned business with a Speakeasy atmosphere that is excited to deliver Craft Cocktails, Draft Beer, Wine, Appetizers & Desserts.

Feel free to share this post, and spread the word!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement later this week!


Check them out online:


“Hush” will serve light appetizers and desserts but you will still need a nice dinner, why not wander into the Rosebush in Alfred NY? A NYC bistro vibe in a small college town, check out this week’s chef specials:

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