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Reader poll results show the majority disagree with state mandated school mascot changes

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Canisteo-Greenwood schools are not alone in a growing movement

By Andrew Harris

Call it “political correctness,” or “cancel-culture,” or “white-washing.” The move to change school team and professional sports team mascots to more culturally sensitive nomenclature and identity is complicated.

As this poll indicates, over half of those who voted feel that it is time to take a stand against “PC culture.” Whether it is the Washington Redskins or the C-G Redskins, that identity which references Native American Culture is an identity to some, an offensive slur to others.

While the Seneca Nation is the leading voice in the local discussion to change the mascot, other Native American groups have the opposite perspective. Even among the tribes, one group sees an opportunity to celebrate a heritage while another feels the cultural appropriation is well, inappropriate. Read more about that in our introduction to this poll here—->>>>

Over twenty five percent of readers voted decisively in favor moving on with better, less offensive mascots. A smaller group believes that the question should be put up to a community referendum.

On a local level, the Canisteo-Greenwood school system is opening the subject up to the community for information and a survey: Mascot Survey Link

Visit the district information page on the subject here

Thank you for voting and stay tuned for a new poll out every Monday!

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