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Weekly Poll: Trump, DeSantis, Pence, Youngkin, or a dark horse ? Who will be the GOP nominee for 2024

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By Andrew Harris

Former President Trump is expected to make a less than highly anticipated announcement that he will seek the Republican Party nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

After a primary election that some say was a repudiation or Trump and his MAGA wing of the Republican Party, Trump is unlikely to be unchallenged for the job.

The national frontrunner for the nomination is currently newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis, although the former president would argue that point. They have already been trading verbal jabs and are clearly not headed for a Trump-DeSantis ticket.

Former Vice President “Mike” Pence is just about to launch a book tour and has been on the talk show circuit previewing the highlights of the book. No one thinks that Pence will be kind to Trump in his recollections of the administration or nearly being attacked on January 6th.

Glenn Youngkin, just elected as the new Governor of Virgina, has lots of promise as more traditional Republican, something many in the party crave. While in 2022 his standing for the next presidential race somewhat uncertain, Youngkin is a candidate that many think has the best chance to reclaim a Republican White House.

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