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By Douglas Sciorra

Three Call Men Appointments for the Hornell Fire Department

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The Board of Public Safety unanimously approved the appointments of Brandon Owens, Donald Lewis, and Christopher Davis as call men for the City of Hornell Fire Department at their January 2023 meeting. In addition to its twenty-two person roster, the Hornell Fire Department utilizes the services of call men on an as-needed basis. Chief Frank Brzozowski provided background information to the Board regarding each candidate.

“Each of these applicants bring much needed support to our department. Brandon Owens currently works for the Sheriff’s Department, but recently passed his paramedic boards in November, and desires to keep his certifications up. He will be a great asset to our three firefighters currently enrolled in the paramedic program, as well as his ability to provide paramedic services with us,” noted Brzozowski.

“Donald Lewis also works for the Sheriff’s Department, but is also an EMT and has an extensive fire background. Mr. Lewis is an arson investigator, which is very valuable to us. Historically, we typically have 3-4 arson investigators in the department, but we lost a few with some recent retirements. Mr. Lewis is also a certified instructor, so he can assist with the training of firefighters to become arson investigators. Mr. Lewis is also certified in the use of a canine accelerant detector,” continued Brzozowski.

“Christopher Davis has been actively pursuing working with us. Mr. Davis works full-time with American Medical Response (AMR) in Corning. He has background in firefighting and is currently an EMT, so he’s ready to hit the ground running. He has goals of continuing to become a paramedic and we welcome his support,” reviewed Brzozowski.

“The City of Hornell Fire Department provides outstanding services to the Canisteo Valley. Having call men with backgrounds such as Mr. Owens, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Davis elevates the services provided by the Fire Department with their extensive knowledge. We appreciate and look forward to their service for the City of Hornell,” stated Mayor John Buckley.

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