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Canisteo-Greenwood captures 6th straight Section V wrestling title; (photos and podium from all 14 teams)

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Photo gallery of the entire day and championship moments by STEVE HARRISON


The Canisteo-Greenwood wrestling team made it six straight Section V titles, this time in Class BB with a win over 100 points away from the second place finishers.

Geoff Havens of Canisteo-Greenwood was named coach of the year thanks to three wrestlers winning a title and four taking second place.

Wellsville came close to crowning three champions themselves, but Xander Outman, Shane Davidson and Gabe Black all settled on second place finishes in their respective weight classes.

“It was a good weekend, everyone fought hard and wrestled tough. Five freshman are going up to Brockport and we have some senior leadership joining them as well,” said Wellsville coach Tyler Carman. “I’m looking forward to yet another big weekend for our guys. We had three guys fight for Sectional titles against some of the best wrestlers out there. They may not have gotten their patch, but they fought hard and got a chance to go out and compete for more.”

Outman fell to Letchworth’s Chris Shearing at 160 pounds via pin-fall, Davidson to Byron-Bergen’s Malachi Smith in a narrow and hard-fought 3-1 decision at 189 pounds, and Black in a 6-2 decision defeat to the hands of LeRoy’s Tony Piazza at 215 pounds.

Other placements the Lions garnered were from Jayden Acker (third place, 110 pounds), David Clark (fourth place, 118 pounds), Jack Cicirello (fifth place, 132 pounds), Brayden Riley (fifth place, 138 pounds) and Matt Ritter (sixth place, 152 pounds).

Fillmore/Keshequa saw three of their grapplers all find the podium at the end of the day, with Graham Howe and his fifth place finish at 110 pounds leading the way. Alivia Cartwight (118 pounds) and Gage Hartman (189 pounds) both placed sixth.

NY Land Quest congratulates all student athletes

“Graham, Liv and Gage were our leaders today. While all three fell in the Quarterfinals, they were able to battle back through the wrestle-backs to punch their tickets to Brockport next week,” said Fillmore/Keshequa coach Jarrett Vosburg. “While their path wasn’t the easiest, days like today are ones that mark growth in underclassmen careers. We hope to use next weekend’s State Qualifier as yet another learning experience in a season that has been all about growth and improvement.”

Next weekend, the Super Sectional Tournament will officially get underway with a chance to lock in a bid for the New York State Tournament on the line. The action will begin next Saturday, February 11 at SUNY Brockport.

Here are all the results of the place winners and check out the photos by Steve Harrison:


1 Canisteo-Greenwood  265.0

2 Byron-Bergen 147.0

3 Letchworth 147.0

4 Le Roy 137.0

5 Wellsville 133.5

6 North Rose-Wolcott 113.0

7 Addison 97.0

8 Alexander 87.5

9 East Rochester 83.0

10 Holley/Kendall 70.0

11 Pavilion/York 59.0

12 Fillmore/Keshequa 27.0

13 Red Creek 26.0

14 Bloomfield 13.0

OUTSTANDING WRESTLER (102-138) – Joe Scott (Letchworth)OUTSTANDING WRESTLER (145-285) – Alan Anthony (North Rose-Wolcott)

COACH OF THE YEAR – Geoff Havens (CG)


(Top 6 advance to State Qualifier)

Varsity – 102

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Joe Scott of Letchworth

2nd Place – Cael Stewart of Canisteo-Greenwood

3rd Place – Connor McCaffery of Canisteo-Greenwood

4th Place – Dawson Wojtaszczyk of Le Roy

5th Place – Kaleb Beardsley of Pavilion/York

6th Place – Justin Mann of Letchworth

1st Place Match

Joe Scott (Letchworth) won in sudden victory – 1 over Cael Stewart (Canisteo-Greenwood) (SV-1 10-8)

3rd Place Match

Connor McCaffery (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by fall over Dawson Wojtaszczyk (Le Roy) (Fall 0:58)

5th Place Match

Kaleb Beardsley (Pavilion/York) won by major decision over Justin Mann (Letchworth) (Maj 13-0)

Varsity – 110

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Brody Heckman of Alexander

2nd Place – Dylan Depew-Cappadonia of Canisteo-Greenwood

3rd Place – Jayden Acker of Wellsville

4th Place – Justin Wise of Addison

5th Place – Graham Howe of Fillmore/Keshequa

6th Place – Steven McCann of East Rochester

1st Place Match

Brody Heckman (Alexander) won by decision over Dylan Depew-Cappadonia (Canisteo-Greenwood) (Dec 2-0)

3rd Place Match

Jayden Acker (Wellsville) won by decision over Justin Wise (Addison) (Dec 9-8)

5th Place Match

Graham Howe (Fillmore/Keshequa) won by decision over Steven McCann (East Rochester) (Dec 4-0)

Varsity – 118

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Cade Sands of Addison

2nd Place – Austin Hall of Canisteo-Greenwood

3rd Place – Bruce Rasmusson of Holley/Kendall

4th Place – David Clark of Wellsville

5th Place – Austin Warren of North Rose-Wolcott

6th Place – Alivia Cartwright of Fillmore/Keshequa

1st Place Match

Cade Sands (Addison) won by major decision over Austin Hall (Canisteo-Greenwood) (Maj 10-1)

3rd Place Match

Bruce Rasmusson (Holley/Kendall) won by fall over David Clark (Wellsville) (Fall 4:44)

5th Place Match

Austin Warren (North Rose-Wolcott) won by decision over Alivia Cartwright (Fillmore/Keshequa) (Dec 4-2)

Varsity – 126

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Derek Smith of Letchworth

2nd Place – Jacob Howe of Addison

3rd Place – Samuel Carey of East Rochester

4th Place – Ayden Taylor of Pavilion/York

5th Place – Brendin Galves of Byron-Bergen

6th Place – Cole Friedhaber of Le Roy

1st Place Match

Derek Smith (Letchworth) won by decision over Jacob Howe (Addison) (Dec 5-0)

3rd Place Match

Samuel Carey (East Rochester) won by decision over Ayden Taylor (Pavilion/York) (Dec 7-5)

5th Place Match

Brendin Galves (Byron-Bergen) won by fall over Cole Friedhaber (Le Roy) (Fall 3:31)

Varsity – 132

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Gavin Bob of Canisteo-Greenwood

2nd Place – Solomon Smith of Byron-Bergen

3rd Place – William Kruger of Holley/Kendall

4th Place – Cody Whittaker of Bloomfield

5th Place – Jack Cicirello of Wellsville

6th Place – Michael Kline of North Rose-Wolcott

1st Place Match

Gavin Bob (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by decision over Solomon Smith (Byron-Bergen) (Dec 10-3)

3rd Place Match

William Kruger (Holley/Kendall) won by fall over Cody Whittaker (Bloomfield) (Fall 3:47)

5th Place Match

Jack Cicirello (Wellsville) won by decision over Michael Kline (North Rose-Wolcott) (Dec 1-0)

Varsity – 138

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Benny Merrill of Alexander

2nd Place – Lucas Mason of Canisteo-Greenwood

3rd Place – Roman Smith of Byron-Bergen

4th Place – Abdul Yousifzai of East Rochester

5th Place – Brayden Riley of Wellsville

6th Place – Ayden Mullin of Red Creek

1st Place Match

Benny Merrill (Alexander) won by major decision over Lucas Mason (Canisteo-Greenwood) (Maj 13-1)

3rd Place Match

Roman Smith (Byron-Bergen) won by decision over Abdul Yousifzai (East Rochester) (Dec 5-1)

5th Place Match

Brayden Riley (Wellsville) won by major decision over Ayden Mullin (Red Creek) (Maj 14-2)

Varsity – 145

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Colton Havens of Canisteo-Greenwood

2nd Place – Gunner Kemp of Letchworth

3rd Place – Joe Stephany of Le Roy

4th Place – Matt Covert of Le Roy

5th Place – Logan Caves of North Rose-Wolcott

6th Place – Christian Warren of North Rose-Wolcott

1st Place Match

Colton Havens (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by fall over Gunner Kemp (Letchworth) (Fall 1:53)

3rd Place Match

Joe Stephany (Le Roy) won by fall over Matt Covert (Le Roy) (Fall 2:53)

5th Place Match

Logan Caves (North Rose-Wolcott) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Christian Warren (North Rose-Wolcott) (UTB 11-9)

Varsity – 152

Giant in Cuba and Wellsville support our athletes!

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Beau Zeh of Canisteo-Greenwood

2nd Place – Haydin Perez of Byron-Bergen

3rd Place – Gavin Kemp of Letchworth

4th Place – Ethan Carmer of North Rose-Wolcott

5th Place – Victor Kirsch of Alexander

6th Place – Matt Ritter of Wellsville

1st Place Match

Beau Zeh (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by fall over Haydin Perez (Byron-Bergen) (Fall 2:23)

3rd Place Match

Gavin Kemp (Letchworth) won by fall over Ethan Carmer (North Rose-Wolcott) (Fall 2:17)

5th Place Match

Victor Kirsch (Alexander) won in sudden victory – 1 over Matt Ritter (Wellsville) (SV-1 6-4)

Varsity – 160

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Chris Shearing of Letchworth

2nd Place – Xander Outman of Wellsville

3rd Place – Kaden Lyons of Alexander

4th Place – Derek GeRonimo of East Rochester

5th Place – Caleb Schwartz of Pavilion/York

6th Place – Jaiden Duvall of Red Creek

1st Place Match

Chris Shearing (Letchworth) won by fall over Xander Outman (Wellsville) (Fall 1:50)

3rd Place Match

Kaden Lyons (Alexander) won by fall over Derek GeRonimo (East Rochester) (Fall 2:16)

5th Place Match

Caleb Schwartz (Pavilion/York) won by fall over Jaiden Duvall (Red Creek) (Fall 3:49)

Varsity – 172

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Alan Anthony of North Rose-Wolcott

2nd Place – Keegin Christian of Canisteo-Greenwood

3rd Place – Mike Covert of Le Roy

4th Place – J.C. Starowitz of Byron-Bergen

5th Place – Ayden Miller of Letchworth

6th Place – Britton Delmadoros of East Rochester

1st Place Match

Alan Anthony (North Rose-Wolcott) won by fall over Keegin Christian (Canisteo-Greenwood) (Fall 2:24)

3rd Place Match

Mike Covert (Le Roy) won by decision over J.C. Starowitz (Byron-Bergen) (Dec 2-0)

5th Place Match

Ayden Miller (Letchworth) won by fall over Britton Delmadoros (East Rochester) (Fall 2:07)

Varsity – 189

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Malachi Smith of Byron-Bergen

2nd Place – Shane Davidson of Wellsville

3rd Place – Dominic Dennis of Canisteo-Greenwood

4th Place – Colin Kazmierzack of Le Roy

5th Place – Jeremiah Romero of Byron-Bergen

6th Place – Gage Hartman of Fillmore/Keshequa

1st Place Match

Malachi Smith (Byron-Bergen) won by decision over Shane Davidson (Wellsville) (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match

Dominic Dennis (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by fall over Colin Kazmierzack (Le Roy) (Fall 0:52)

5th Place Match

Jeremiah Romero (Byron-Bergen) won by fall over Gage Hartman (Fillmore/Keshequa) (Fall 2:26)

Varsity – 215

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Tony Piazza of Le Roy

2nd Place – Gabe Black of Wellsville

3rd Place – Camden Mahnke of Addison

4th Place – Philip Kramer of Pavilion/York

5th Place – Skyler Miles of Canisteo-Greenwood

6th Place – Alikzander Yencer of Canisteo-Greenwood

1st Place Match

Tony Piazza (Le Roy) won by decision over Gabe Black (Wellsville) (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match

Camden Mahnke (Addison) won by fall over Philip Kramer (Pavilion/York) (Fall 0:30)

5th Place Match

Skyler Miles (Canisteo-Greenwood) won by fall over Alikzander Yencer (Canisteo-Greenwood) (Fall 3:19)

Varsity – 285

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Noah Wazinski of North Rose-Wolcott

2nd Place – Chris Zastrocky of Byron-Bergen

3rd Place – Hunter Smith of Holley/Kendall

4th Place – Keegan Park of Le Roy

5th Place – Markus McClurkin of East Rochester

6th Place – Brody Houghtaling of Canisteo-Greenwood

1st Place Match

Noah Wazinski (North Rose-Wolcott) won by fall over Chris Zastrocky (Byron-Bergen) (Fall 0:38)

3rd Place Match

Hunter Smith (Holley/Kendall) won by fall over Keegan Park (Le Roy) (Fall 2:00)

5th Place Match

Markus McClurkin (East Rochester) won by forfeit over Brody Houghtaling (Canisteo-Greenwood) (FF)

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