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A hero of the Crittenden Hotel fire could use some help

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Hotel manager dropped two trapped children to firefighters before making a dangerous leap

By Andrew Harris

Several friends and relatives have contacted us after yesterday’s “3-alarm” fire in Coudersport Pennsylvania. The Hotel Crittenden was severely damaged and hundreds of firemen from as far away as Wellsville NY responded. The fire was extinguished and no fatalities were reported, although five were transported to the hospital for treatment.

One of those five has emerged as a selfless hero who put the lives of her niece and nephew first before leaping from the burning building.

Chandra Livingston Knight, the manager of the Crittenden Hotel was trapped in the building with two young family members.

Reports indicate that the hotel manager’s quarters are in the third floor of the building and once alerted to the emergency, led the children to safety.

By accounts, the three escaped to a lower level roof and Knight was able to “dangle the children into the arms of firemen waiting below.” After the children were safe, Knight was forced to leap about ten feet down to ground level and was seriously injured as a result. She has already undergone one surgery at a Williamsport, Pa. hospital but will require additional surgery.

The hero’s mother and family are asking for help with medical and living expenses.

To view the GoFundMe, please visit:

From that GoFundMe Site:

Hi My name is Paula Livingston I am Chandra Livingston Knight’s mother. By now I am sure most have heard of the horrific fire that engulfed The historic Hotel Crittenden. For the last decade Chandra has poured her heart and soul into managing this business and she loved serving the community. A mother counts her blessings in this way,…everyone got out safely. Chandra injured her ankle / foot while jumping from a third story window after lowering her niece and nephew down to a second story roof. She is in her first surgery now , but they found she will need more surgeries in the near future and the road to recovery will be a long one. I am setting up this go fund me to help her offset medical expenses, transportation and whatever other costs may arise through this. If you would like to help, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for your prayers, good vibes and outpouring of love!

Read our reporting from the yesterday’s fire:

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