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Sinclair Resigns Over Microwave Exposure

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Planning board member upset over plans for Jericho Hill tower

Dear Sun:

I, Frederick Sinclair, resident of Jericho Hill and dedicated contributor to the Town of Alfred Planning Board resigned from my post during the April Town Board meeting. This occurred as the result of the Supervisors announcement that the Board was going to issue a Building Permit authorizing modifications to the 312 foot microwave tower, on Jericho Hill. The Building Permit will authorize a significant change in the nature and amount of exposure of the public and environment to high frequency microwave radiation. The issues surrounding the application for such a modification, and possible negative impacts, were identified and carefully studied over the past year and subjected to the State Environmental Review Process (SEQR). The SEQR  review documented peer reviewed and published scientific studies and medical reports which clearly identified the negative impacts of exposure to high frequency, pulsed modulated, beam forming microwave radiation. The result of public comments, as well as federal and state agency and interested party input, supported the Town Declaration of Positive Impact and it was reviewed and published by NYS DEC  in the NYS Environmental Notice Bulletin.

Throughout the review, the applicant was repeatedly asked for more information and failed to comply. The application was declared incomplete and remains incomplete at this point. Questionable legal advice has prompted the Town Board to abandon the entire review process, including identified public health and environmental impacts, as well as ignore procedural application failures.  The Town Board is adopting a legal opinion, conceding that the Town Board cannot exercise continued discretion in issuance of the Building Permit. This decision negates completion of the study of the issues and  identification of alternatives which could mitigate the identified impacts. I strenuously disagree with the Town Board decision to abandon public health, and environmental quality issues, in favor of  a “our hands are tied mentality”. I have resigned from the Town of Alfred Planning Board in that I cannot continue to contribute under such failure in leadership. As a resident trapped in the shadow of this microwave tower I do not consent to this exposure and will continue building issue awareness, public awakening and recruiting of like minded citizens to protect our Quality of Life.


Frederick Sinclair, Alfred NY

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