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OP-ED: Investigating in Alfred NY: Microwave Radiation

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“Alfred is the poster child for examining and demonstrating mitigation of this obsession and addiction to wireless living”

by Fred Sinclair

This is the first in a series of investigative reports on the impacts of microwave radiation on the living environment. Living environment defined as humans, farm animals, flora and fauna, bees, insects, etc. The ground zero for investigation is the Village Hall of Alfred NY which is an epicenter of extensive wireless microwave infrastructure feeding a large concentration of students, residents, business, and outlying residences.

There are 10 towers and 74 antennas servicing a three mile radius from ground zero (see Antenna It has been reported by a high ranking public official that during college sessions there are over 30,000 wireless devices, broadcasting within the immediate village, which does not include the expanded study area or wireless car based communications, Lidar or satellite connections. 

The recent Environmental Impact Review, performed by the Town Planning Board, of a proposal to upgrade the Jericho Hill tower to 4GLTE – 5G , identified several potential significant impacts that could occur from the higher frequency pulse modulated microwaves to be emitted by the modified tower. The potential impacts involve interference with altimeters of Mercy flight and Wellsville Airport traffic, health of nearby residents, ( see the Bioinitiative Report) reduced property values, nearby grazing farm animals, lack of insurances for damages and  biologically sensitive areas.

The Town Board however cowered in the face of potential legal challenge and  lawsuit, threatened by the powerful telecommunications company. The unbridled proliferation of wireless microwave radiation is expanding exponentially with the upcoming NYSEG proposal to outfit all homes with wireless “SMART” electric meters, the proposed installation of Village surveillance cameras / automated street lighting, smart buildings, wireless water meters, community Wi-fi, the internet of “THINGS”, wireless appliances and tens of thousands of low orbit space satellites launching to irradiate every square foot of the planet.

Alfred is the poster child for examining and demonstrating mitigation of this obsession and addiction to wireless living that is affecting all of humanity and all living beings. This series of investigative reports is intended to help raise our awareness so that we may begin saving ourselves from ourselves. For more background, see websites of:  The Environmental Health Trust and Americans for Responsible Technology.

Frederick Sinclair is a former planning board member and resident of the town of Alfred NY.

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