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Berglund appointed Provisional Patrolman

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Commendation Letter Received from City of Corning for making murder arrest

News from the City of Hornell Public Safety Board,

Pictured: Captain Michael Sexsmith, Chief Ted Murray, Mayor John Buckley, Tanner Berglund, Commissioner Scott Richardson, and Commissioner David Parmely.

The Board of Public Safety met for their May meeting and unanimously approved the appointment of Tanner Berglund as a provisional patrolman. Berglund is a resident of the City of Hornell and 2016 graduate of Arkport Central School.

Mayor John Buckley remarked, “This is a great opportunity, not only for you, Mr. Berglund, but for our community. You interviewed strongly and are committed to your community. Your dedication is already reflected in your obtaining a college degree in Criminal Justice, and your enrollment in the police academy, which starts on Monday. Congratulations! We are excited for you to join our team.”

Board of Public Safety Police Commissioner Scott Richardson noted his enthusiasm for Berglund, “I’m excited for your appointment to serve our community, and equally eager to work with you as the Director of the Alfred State Police Academy.”

Chief Ted Murray further remarked, “We welcome another officer to our ranks. Our night shift is particularly busy and adding another officer is greatly beneficial. Mr. Berglund referenced having awareness and experience working with situations that may involve mental health, which we are responding to more and more. He will be a welcomed addition to our department.”

In other police department news at the meeting, Mayor Buckley reviewed a letter of gratitude from the Corning Police Chief Kenzie Spaulding, who commended the department, particularly Captain Michael Sexsmith and Sargeant Ryan Harrison for their collaboration and assistance in apprehending an individual suspected of murder in the City of Corning. Sexsmith and Harrison were commended for being instrumental in securing the arrest, without incident, and a confession. Their commitment assisted in bringing comfort to the family of the victim and resolution to the incident.

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