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Life in the Finger Lakes: Engine 14 Brewery – Naples NY

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A trip to Naples turns into a unique opportunity

By Jim Moore

While enjoying a stroll from the parking lot to the Hazlitt 1852 tasting room in Naples, NY, a group of friends and I passed by a large building that had once served as a storage facility for the former owner of the vineyard complex, Widmer. Much to our surprise, we discovered that the building’s interior had been remodeled into a spacious bar and gathering space for the operations of Engine 14 Brewery. At that moment, the building’s doors were locked, and the lights were off. However, we couldn’t help but be intrigued by the sight of the impressive wooden bar.

During our wine tasting at the Hazlett winery, we inquired about the new business and learned that the brewery was the venture of a couple who shared a passion for great beer and good food. The Hazlett staff also informed us that the brewery would open at 12:00, which was about 30 minutes away. Although we were disappointed that we couldn’t visit the brewery due to a busy agenda for the day, we bid farewell to the winery and walked back past the closed building. As we passed by, peering through the locked door, we noticed someone inside who was mopping the floor and preparing for the day’s business. Despite it being earlier than their planned opening time, the gentleman kindly invited us in.

Once the lights were on, the bar area revealed even more beauty. A large, solid U-shaped bar with comfortable seating and several large screen TVs adorned with ornate beer taps stood before us. The décor featured vintage firefighting memorabilia and equipment. In front of the bar, there was a spacious area with tables and chairs, also decorated with firefighting-related items.

The gentleman, who graciously welcomed us inside, introduced himself as the manager and proceeded to provide us with excellent service, despite us interrupting his opening duties. He engaged in conversation with us about football, the brewery’s history, ongoing events, and future plans. He took pride in mentioning the brewery’s pinochle nights, live music events, and other activities.

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The brewery offered a wide selection of brews, ranging from IPAs to porters. Additionally, they had several local wines and a variety of cocktails made with locally distilled spirits.

The beers we tried were delicious. The IPAs boasted perfect citrus highlights while remaining incredibly smooth to drink. One of our group found the porter she tried so enjoyable that she decided to have a second.

Engine 14 Brewery is a fantastic place to visit, adding excitement to the drive to Naples, NY. Situated across the road from Hazlett 1852’s tasting rooms, a stop at this complex promises a delightful and entertaining experience.

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