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Hornell City Police activity for June 21

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Officers tackle bad behavior, dangerous drivers, and a black bear

From the Hornell City Police Department:

12:11am Property check

12:59am Property check

1:16am Canisteo St. Disturbance. Parties advised of their rights and separated.

1:27am Delaware Ave. Disturbance. 2 arrests for Disorderly conduct.

2:27am Property check

2:28am Property check

2:32am Property check

3:01am Property check

3:01am Property check

3:19am 2am-6am parking tickets. 9 issued.

3:26am Property check

7:18am Canisteo St. Mental Health complaint. Subject taken to St. James Hospital.

10:12am Maple St. Vehicle lockout. Officer gained access for owner.

10:37am Hartshorn St. Animal complaint. Bear on caller’s property. Bear went back into woods.

10:40am Headquarters. Background check for contractor’s permit.

11:05 Wells St. Assisted Child Protective Services.

11:14am West Genesee. Disturbance. Parties separated.

11:18am Headquarters. Background investigation for contractor’s permit.

11:29am Headquarters. Handicapped permit issued.

11:53am South Division St. Domestic disturbance. Parties separated.

12:30pm Canisteo St. Vehicle lockout. Officer gained access for owner.

1:39pm River St. Drugs turned in for destruction.

2:32pm Headquarters. Found property. Owner located and property returned.

3:35pm Bostwick Place. Harassment complaint.

3:36pm Loder St. Parking ticket issued.

3:41pm Harassment complaint. Parties advised of their rights.

3:55pm Walnut St. Assisted another agency.

4:29pm Park Drive. Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued.

4:52pm Canisteo St. Assist elderly motorist who is disoriented. Family member picked up motorist.

5:37pm East Elm St. Criminal Mischief comp. Report taken. Damage was accidental.

6:00pm  East Ave. Suspicious condition. Middle age male made unwanted contact with juvenile female. Report taken. Investigation opened.

6:53pm Canisteo St. Juvenile complaint. Juveniles  getting into sheds for sale on Canisteo St. Juveniles were gone upon arrival.

6:58pm Stephens St. Harassment complaint. Investigation opened.

7:17pm  Hornell Plaza. Check Welfare. Subject lying in grass at Hornell Plaza. Gone upon arrival.

7:29pm  Seneca St. Disturbance. Criminal Contempt arrest made.

7:58pm  Center St.  Disturbance. Juvenile sent on his way.

8:04pm  Maple City Drive. Erratic Driver. Vehicle stopped and operator found to be tired.

8:24pm  Erratic Driver. Vehicle found at address on Vincent St. Resident would not cooperate with officer.

8:25pm  Hornell Plaza. Check welfare of person in a vehicle. Cleared by HFD ambulance personnel.

9:17pm  Elizabeth St. Noise complaint. Music turned off for the night.

9:50pm  Davenport St. Noise complaint. Subjects advised of the complaint.

9:54pm  Buffalo St. Noise complaint. Music turned off for the night.

10:19pm  Seneca St. Check welfare. Man appeared to be slumped over wheel at 7/11. Man was gone upon arrival.

10:57pm Duane St.  Police Alarm activated. Alarm was found to be false.

10:58pm  Bemis Ave. Domestic dispute. Subjects separated for the night.

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