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Noyes Health announces Joetta Miller as Employee of the Month for June 

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“She knows her patients, she knows what the needs of the nurses are, and she wants to help.” 

From UR Medicine Noyes Health,

Congratulations to Joetta Miller for being named Employee of the Month at UR Medicine Noyes Health for June.  

Miller, of South Dansville, has been an Environmental Aide in Guest Services at Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital for the past 4.5 years.  

“This is very emotional,” said Miller after learning she won the award. “I work very hard at what I do, so this means a lot.” 

Miller is a stand out at Noyes, and appreciated by her peers as was demonstrated through the nominating process.  

“She puts in high quality work to make sure that patients’ needs are fulfilled, and they leave the hospital with dignity and respect,” reads one nomination. “She has always gone above and beyond to help her floor run smoothly; willing to help out in any way she can even if it means working extra hard or longer hours. Joetta is always looking for ways to improve her department and increase team cohesion to be as efficient as possible. Always speaking up for her coworkers, she has advocated for better resources and planning so patient rooms can be much cleaner much quicker. Overall, during her time at Noyes Joetta has been nothing less than a respectful, head-down hard worker.” 

“Joetta goes above and beyond every day,” reads another nomination. “She is kind to all the patients and nurses. She never leaves the floor unless all is done. She works tirelessly to make sure all patients have a clean and sanitized room. She helps other floors with anything they need as well. She is kind and friendly to all coworkers and is always there for anyone who needs her.” 

Joetta said her favorite part of her job is working with people, including patients, visitors and her coworkers. 

“I really started visiting with patients during COVID,” she said. “I was everybody’s company when families couldn’t be here.”  

“She really gives patients her time,” said Patricia Derowitsch, Clinical Nursing Director Acute Care & Community Outreach Services. “She talks to patients as she is cleaning their room, she doesn’t just ignore them. If she hears a patient needs something, she pokes her head out to help. Even if she finishes her work, she will always wait until they are done with their conversation before she leaves the room. And she still gets all of her work done.” 

Joetta said she didn’t have any experience when she was hired by Rebecca Bowen, Director of Guest Services. 

“Joetta is very teachable, and always willing to learn.” said Bowen. “She will get done with her work and ask for more.”  

Bowen added that she not only goes above and beyond for patients, but also for the hospital as a whole.  

“She comes up with new ideas to improve processes. She challenges me not just to keep doing things the way they have always been done. She knows her patients, she knows what the needs of the nurses are, and she wants to help.” 

“Before I retire,” said Miller. “I would like to find someone I can turn into the new version of me.” 

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