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Hornell Police Department activity

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Parking tickets, keeping the peace, and lots more work from local law enforcement

Friday June 23

1:43am  Property Check

1:44am   Property Check

1:53am   Property Check

1:56am   Property Check

2:23am   2am to 6am parking tickets. 8 issued.

2:45am   Property Check

2:47am   Property Check

2:55am   Property Check

3:06am   Property Check

7:01am   Rose Ave.  Animal Complaint. Found dog no tags. Turned over to Humane Society.

10:20am  Headquarters. Background check for Hornell Housing Authority.

10:31am  State St. Traffic Stop. Operator Advised.

11:47am  Main St.  Disturbance. Subject upset and flipped over a picnic table. Officers calmed subject down. Subject went on his way.

1:58pm   Headquarters. Property returned to owner.

2:59pm   Headquarters. Handicapped Parking Permit issued.

3:00pm   Pine St. Larceny complaint. Unfounded.

3:27pm   River St. Disturbance.  Subject acting erratically. Officers and Mental Health Crisis spoke with subject.

4:11pm   Willow PL. Neighbor complaint. Caller advised to contact Code Enforcement.

5:21pm   Bemis Ave. Vehicle Unlock. Officer gained access for owner.

5:35pm   River St. Mental Health. Subject taken to St. James for evaluation.

5:59pm   Main St. Larceny complaint. Stolen phone. Investigation opened.

6:06pm Headquarters. Issued Handicapped Parking Permit.

7:00pm Main St. Traffic stop. 1 UTT issued.

7:48pm Hill St. Disturbance.  Verbal argument. Parties spoken to.

9:17pm  Collier St. Harassment. All parties advised of their rights.

9:21pm. Seneca St. Harassment. Parties advised of their rights.

9:29pm  East Ave. Traffic stop. Operator advised.

9:37pm Church St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

10:22pm Summer St. Neighbor dispute. Parties advised of their rights.

10:54pm Taylor. St. Barking dog. Owner advised of the complaint.

11:31pm. Maple City Drive. Traffic stop. Operator advised.

Monday June 26, 2023

3:11am W. Genesee St. Unwanted Person. Subject given ride home.

3:31am 2a-6a parking tickets. 6 issued.

3:33am Property Check.

3:34am Shawmut Park Dr. Suspicious vehicle. Subject on way to work.

3:35am Property Check.

3:39am Property Check.

3:42am Property Check.

3:49am Property Check.

3:57am Property Check.

4:05am Property Check.

4:11am Property Check.

5:50am Maple City Drive. Deceased cat on MCD. Turned over to DPW.

9:24am Funeral escort.

9:37am Greeley Ave. Harassment. Subject being texted by unknown number. Would like it documented.

11:49am Summer St. Neighbor dispute. Parties advised.

11:55am Greeley Ave. Dog at Large. Unable to locate.

12:09pm Maple City Dr. Traffic Stop.1 UTT issued.

12:22pm Delaware Ave. Dog at Large.

12:40pm Hornell Plaza. Motor Vehicle Accident (Property Damage). Report submitted.

12:45pm Church St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

3:28pm  Allen St. Notification

4:24pm  Hornell Plaza. Suspicious condition. Subject putting flyers on cars. Subject sent on his way.

4:33pm  Headquarters. Lost trailer plate. Lost plate form completed.

4:58pm  Bostwick Pl. Check Welfare. Subject located. All ok.

5:27pm  Leach Ave. Harassment complaint. Parties advised of their rights.

5:55pm  Vincent St. Missing Persons. Subjects arrived back home.

5:57pm Hornell Plaza. Property damage to vehicle. Report completed.

7:06pm Maple City Drive. Request officer stand by for child exchange. Child exchanged.

7:21pm Headquarters. Dismissal form for UTT completed.

7:35pm Madison Ave. Driver possibly slumped over wheel. Subject ok. Looking at phone.

8:20pm Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

9:44pm Property Check.

10:14pm Suspicious Vehicle. Canisteo St. Subject having car trouble.

10:23pm Cottage Ave. Vehicle lockout. Access gained for owner.

10:29pm Maple City Drive. Domestic disturbance. Subjects separated for the night.

10:30pm Genesee St. Mental Health complaint. Subject turned over to HFD.

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