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Dansville Airport Juxaposition by Amanda Sue Cornelius

Hornell Police Department report for June 27 & 28

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Officers work ranges from extinguishing fires, mental health issues, and animal control


12:23am Thacher St. Dog Complaint. Small dog with no collar loose. Officer was unable to locate.

12:38am Property Check.

12:43am Property Check.

12:53am North Main St. Suspicious Person. Subject sitting in car for over an hour. Subject trying to make contact with friends that live on North Main St.

12:57am ZY Tower Rd. Suspicious vehicle. Vehicle parked with lights on. Subjects filming Tic Toc video. Left the area.

1:59am   Property Check.

2:06am   Property Check.

2:42am   Hakes Ave. Woman lying on her porch. Officer assisted getting woman into residence. No injuries.

2:56am   2am-6am parking tickets. 13 issued.

3:09am   Property Check.

3:17am   East Ave. Cat struck and deceased. Taken to DPW.

3:20am   Property Check.

3:24am   Property Check.

3:37am   Property Check.

9:07am   Church St. Assist Other Agency. Check welfare of subject. Subject located refused treatment.

9:47am   East Ave. Request extra patrols.

9:47am   Canisteo St. Check Welfare. Officer located subject. All Ok.

10:36am Elizabeth St. Assist Other Agency. Check for suicidal subject possibly in Hornell. Officers were unable to locate subject.

11:29am Buffalo St. Traffic Stop.

1:38pm   East Main St. Dog Complaint. Dog loose on East Main St. Unable to locate.

2:02pm   Buffalo St. Disabled vehicle. Vehicle moved out of roadway.

2:20pm   Brown St. Fire. Tractor on fire on Brown St. Officers extinguished the fire.

2:27pm   Monroe Ave. Mental Health Complaint. Turned over to HFD ambulance.

2:33pm River St. Disturbance. Parties spoken to. All ok.

3:05pm Conklin St. Assist Other Agency. Check on dogs on Conklin St. Dogs turned over to Humane Society by owner.

3:33pm Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. 1UTT issued.

3:50pm John St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

4:25pm Headquarters. Dismissal form for traffic ticket completed.

4:46pm Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

5:01pm Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

5:07pm Maple City Drive. Juveniles on scooters on MCD. Juveniles advised to stay off MCD.

5:17pm Erie Ct. Disturbance. Both parties advised of their rights.

6:18pm Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

6:26pm East Ave. Vehicle Complaint. Mechanical problem with vehicle.

7:02pm Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

7:17pm West Main St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

7:19pm West Main St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

7:29pm Crosby St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

7:52pm Mill St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

7:55pm River St. Dog at Large. Unable to locate.

7:58pm Railroad Center Plaza. Mental Health Complaint. Subject screaming in bathroom of business. Spoken to and left the area.

8:24pm Delaware Ave. Motor Vehicle Accident Property Damage/Hit and Run. Investigation opened.

8:51pm Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

8:54pm Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

9:06pm W. Genesee St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

9:27pm Stephens St. Juvenile Complaint. Parties advised.

9:49pm East Main St. Traffic Stop.  3 UTT’s issued.

9:51pm East Ave. Harassment. Parties advised.

9:54pm. Bennett St. Dog Complaint. Found dog on Bennett St. Owner retrieved the dog.

9:56pm  Property Check.


12:16am  Property Check.

12:23am  Property Check.

12:28am  Property Check.

12:43am  Property Check.

12:55am  Property Check.

1:06am    Property Check.

1:15am    Property Check.

1:19am    Property Check.

2:03am    State St. Vehicle Stop. Operator advised.

3:08am    2a-6a parking tickets. 10 issued.

7:49am    Prindle Ave. Check Welfare. Subject sleeping under a porch. Officers advised subject of resources for housing and substance abuse.

9:25am    Seneca Rd. Traffic Stop.

11:36am  Seneca St. Assist Citizen. Subject requesting medical assistance. HFD ambulance transported her to St. James.

1:41pm     Red Raider Dr. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

2:00pm     River St. Dog complaint. Small dog loose on River St. Unable to locate dog.

3:20pm     East Main St. Check Welfare. Subject was not home.

3:29pm     Elizabeth St. Juvenile Complaint. Officer spoke with all parties.

3:29pm     Stephens St. Harassment. Officer spoke with both parties.

4:24pm     Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

4:54pm     Taylor St. Harassment. Caller advised of rights.

5:55pm     Maple City Drive. Assist Citizen. Problem with phone. Officer assisted.

5:55pm   Grand St. Mental Health Complaint. Subject taken to St. James  via HFD ambulance.

6:25pm   Platt St. Dog Complaint. Owner advised.

8:28pm   Canisteo St. Assist Citizen. Courtesy transport for subject with disabled scooter.

6:49pm   W. Main St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

6:59pm   Park Dr. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

8:32pm   East Ave. Harassment. Both parties advised of rights.

8:32pm   Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. 3 UTT’s issued.

9:28pm    Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

9:36pm    Adsit St. Dog Complaint. Owner advised dog is missing. Requests patrols keep an eye put for it.

9:43pm    Greeley Ave. Harassment. Subject advised to cease actions.

9:55pm    Canisteo St. Traffic Stop. 4 UTT’s issued.

10:21pm  Property Check.

10:37pm  Dennis Ave. Noise Complaint- Barking Dogs. Owner advised of the complaint.

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