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“Balloons East” restaurant in Hornell appears to have closed permanently

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The former “Club 57” was only open for about two months

By Andrew Harris

The Hornell food scene was all a-glow just two months ago. Food lovers were hoping that the new owners of a former hot spot would bring glory back to what was best known as, “Club 57.”

Restaurantuers from Ellicotville’s long-standing “Balloons” restaurant and nightclub had invested in the Seneca Road property and rebranded as, “Balloons East.” Hope was in the air again after years of decline from the glory days of “Club 57.”

That hope seems to have sizzled. The establishment has been closed for several days and the Facebook page has been “scrubbed.”

We tried to reach out to the manager and the owner of the Elliciotville based business without any response.

The Facebook page dedicated to Balloons East has been changed to “4675 Seneca Road” and on the page the establishment is noted as “permanently closed.”

Read our interview with the owners of “Balloons East,” published on May 31, 2023

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