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NY public schools see spike in bomb threats

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Houses of worship have been threatened since attack on Israel

By Andrew Harris

Today, Governor Hochul reported that at least ten school districts in New York recieved bomb threats and reacted accordingly. After K9 dogs and law enforcement professionals finished sweeping the buildings, no explosive devices were found.

The threat was fairly consistent at the school districts who recieved direct threats: “Bombs have been placed in schools throughout the state.” Luckily this was a case of “swatting,” or terrorism by false threat to the vunerable.

But the point was made. As the war between Israel and terrorist groups rages, the impact on the United States becomes more acute. Jewish people, schools, daycare facilities, synagogues, and other vital interests are all suddenly living in a new security environment.

Governor Kathy Hochul visited Israel today to show solidarity and meet with the families of those who died or were taken hostage. The total number of New Yorkers who have been taken hostage is unknown at this time.

That tragedy has been only exasberated by a wave of anti-Semitism and anti-Arab hate crimes in New York City. Both the Jewish and Arab/Palestinian communities in New York are bracing for continued friction and potential violence.

New York is home to more people that identify as Jewish than anywhere in the world, including Israel.

Read more on the threats received by schools in NY:

Read more about Governor Hochul’s trip to Israel:

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