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Two arrests made in Wellsville after FBI and state law enforcement raids today

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Multiple levels of law enforcement were in the village since the early morning hours

By the Sun Investigative Team (SIT)

The village has been abuzz since before dawn with yet another large contingency of law enforcement in the village. That has been a near monthly occurance since the July death of a woman on Scott Avenue. Since that tragedy, federal law enforcement officials have been frequent visitors to that crime scene which has been linked to a federal organized crime case.

Today, law enforcement had a strong precense on Scott Avenue and surrounding the Wellsville Police Station which is the typical “staging ground” for the dozens of officers to gather.

FBI spokeswoman Jeannie McBride confirmed the following action was taken today:

Court ordered search warrants were executed in the Town of Wellsville at 4290 Donovan Road, a property owned by Dillion Anderson. Two arrests were made at that location.

Read our reporting from August 18, 2023

Another court ordered search warrant was executed at 287 Scott Avenue, a property owned by Frank and Bridgette Knight. The FBI confirmed that no arrests were made at that address which is almost directly across the street from 296 Scott Avenue, a property that has been subject to multiple court ordered search warrants. Crystal Quinn, 37, of Buffalo was found deceased at 296 Scott Avenue in late July 2023.

Local law enforcement officials have been tight lipped about the activity but the Wellsville Police Department has indicated that no arrests have been made within the village jurisdiction in connection to the federal law enforcement activity.

This is a developing story and any information related to the police activity should be directed to the Wellsville Police Department 585 593 5600

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