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City of Hornell Police work for October 26 and 27

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Dumpster divers, missing juveniles, assisting citizens


12:15am   Property check.

12:26am   Property check.

12:30am   Property check.

12:40am   Property check.

12:41am   Property check.

12:45am   Property check.

12:54am   Property check.

1:26am     Subject in dumpster on River St. sent on his way.

8:15am     School detail.

9:19am     Traffic stop on Genesee St. UTT issued.

10:23am   Traffic stop Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

10:33am   Field interview report on Ice House Rd.

12:22pm   Traffic stop Seneca St. 2 UTT’s issued.

12:47pm   Traffic stop UTT issued.

13:12pm   Motor vehicle complaint on Hornell St.  Owner advised of complaint.

1:16pm     Traffic stop Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

1:52pm     Traffic stop Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

2:23pm     Suspicious persons on Hornell St. Sent on their way.

3:01pm     Headquarters. Dismissed UTT.

3:09pm     Patrol advised of continuous noise complaint on Church St.

3:10pm     Parking complaint on Bennett St. Vehicle gone upon arrival of officer.

3:31pm    Disturbance on Hart St. Subject spoken to and advised to cease actions.

3:35pm    Disturbance on Church St. Court. Subject advised to cease actions.

4:49pm    Headquarters. Dismissed UTT.

5:18pm    Community engagement Genesee St.

5:36pm    Missing juveniles from E. Washington St. Located and returned home.

6:24pm    Property check.

6:36pm    Traffic stop on Main St. 2 UTT’s issued.

6:44pm    Headquarters. Dismissed UTT.

6:56pm    Traffic stop on Buffalo St. 2 UTT’s issued.

10:33pm  Animal complaint on Jane St. Subject gone on arrival of officer.


1:09am    Warrant arrest on Seneca St. Turned over to the State Police.

2:27am    Property check.

2:35am    Property check.

2:49am    Property check.

2:55am    Property check.

3:00am    Property check.

3:13am    Property check.

3:15am    Property check.

7:45am    School detail.

10:06am Larceny complaint at Hornell Plaza. Investigation opened.

10:49am Motor vehicle accident on S. Division St. Report completed.

11:27am Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

11:42am Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

11:53am Deceased cat on Maple St. DPW notified.

12:35pm Motor vehicle complaint on Maple City Drive. Subjects advised of the complaint.

1:16pm   Traffic stop on East Ave. UTT issued.

1:36pm   Vehicle lockout at Hornell Plaza. Access gained.

1:55pm   Patrol request on Albion St.

1:58pm   Headquarters. 9 warrant entries into RMS.

3:01pm   Motor vehicle vs bicyclist accident on Franklin St. Both parties left scene.

3:27pm   Found wallet on Loder St. Returned to owner.

3:46pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

4:11pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

4:14pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

4:20pm    Medical emergency on Genesee St. Assisted HFD.

4:23pm    Found wallet on Taylor St. Returned to owner.

4:39pm    Disturbance on Alley Ave. Subject advised of the complaint.

4:45pm    Found property on Church St. Court. Returned to owner.

4:55pm   Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

5:11pm   Subject reported a lost cell phone on Loder St. Report taken.

5:14pm   Parking complaint on School St. Vehicle was parked legally.

5:16pm   Property check.

5:29pm   Motor vehicle complaint in City Lot 3. Subject advised of the complaint.

6:17pm   Landlord/Tenant dispute on Front St. . Both parties advised of their rights.

6:31pm   Traffic stop on McLean Ave. UTT issued.

6:47pm   Landlord/Tenant dispute on Front St. Parties advised of their rights.

6:49pm   Suspicious person on Hartshorn St. Subject advised of the complaint.

6:51pm   Assist citizen who found front door open. Officers checked the residence with negative results.

7:38pm   Disturbance on Catherine St. Parties advised of their rights.

7:58pm   Warrant arrest on Main St. Failure to appear.

8:01pm   Traffic stop on Allen St. Operator advised.

8:04pm   Traffic stop on Cass St. Operator advised.

8:42pm   Motor vehicle complaint. Possibly coming into Hornell. Patrol advised.

9:06pm   Patrol request on Main St.

9:25pm   Traffic stop on Main St. UTT issued.

9:36pm   Traffic stop on Elm St. 2 UTT’s issued.

9:41pm   Disturbance on Catherine St. Loud music turned down.

9:59pm   Alarm on Park Dr. Building was secure.

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