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Sunset Along the Canisteo River by Janie L. Ferguson.

Hornell Police Department work for the Maple City November 16 & 17

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Several larceny investigations opened, wedding band found at Wegmans


12:06am      Property check.

12:12am      Property check.

12:20am      Property check.

12:22am      Property check.

1:49am        Property check.

1:55am        Property check.

2:02am        Property check.

5:54am        Larceny complaint on Elizabeth St. Prosecution declined.

8:05am        Alarm on Main St. Wrong passcode entered.

9:14am        Assist Parole on Delaware Ave.

9:36am        Warrant arrest for Assault in the Third Degree.

10:13am      Dismissed UTT

10:34am      Handicapped parking permit issued.

12:27pm      Petit Larceny arrest at Hornell Plaza.

12:28pm      Sex offender 90 day address verification.

12:44pm      Traffic stop on Canisteo St. UTT issued.

12:44pm      Vehicle lockout on Shawmut Drive. Access gained.

1:22pm        Assault investigation on Genesee St.

1:41pm        Check welfare on Park Drive. Subject ok.

1:47pm        Found property on Myrtle Ave.

2:46pm        Dismiss UTT.

3:28pm        Juvenile incident on Elm St. Parties spoken to.

3:32pm       Check welfare on E. Main St. Subject ok.

3:40pm       Lost wedding band in Wegmans parking lot.

3:53pm       Juvenile incident on Allen St. Parties spoken to.

4:21pm       Larceny complaint at Hornell Plaza. Investigation opened.

4:40pm       Vehicle lockout on Buffalo St. Access gained.

5:05pm       Deceased cat on Dennis Ave. Disposed of.

6:03pm       Traffic stop on maple City Drive. Operator advised.

7:05pm       Traffic stop on McLean Ave. UTT issued.

7:15pm       Traffic stop on Church St. UTT issued.

8:30pm       Disturbance on Canisteo St. Subjects separated for the night.

9:45pm       Property check.


12:12am     Property check.

12:23am     Property check.

12:51am     Property check.

12:58am     Property check.

1:55am       Property check.

1:59am       Property check.

2:12am       Property check.

5:45am       Assisted HFD with a medical emergency on Hill St.

7:50am       Larceny complaint on Sawyer St. Site. Prosecution declined.

7:45am       School detail.

10:20am     Handicapped parking permit issued.

10:48am     Dog at large on Crosby St. Humane society contacted.

12:00pm     Larceny of 1979 Easy Rider bike with red rims on Sawyer St.

12:05pm     Assist citizen. Peacekeeper on Stephens St.

12:13pm     Alderman packets delivered.

1:32pm       Court paperwork delivered.

1:34pm       Warrant entries into computer.

3:49pm       Vehicle lockout at Hornell Plaza. Access gained.

5:35pm       Larceny investigation at Hornell Plaza.

6:55pm       Disturbance on Terry St. Subject gone on arrival.

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