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Discussing “Resonance: Beings of Frequency”

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“Winfred Otto Schumann discovered the pulse of the Earth to be 7.83 Hz”

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This article, which follows the thread of previous releases, further spotlights how we as humans need to be aware of  Electromagnetic Field (EMF) health effects so that we can make informed choices about reducing harmful exposure. The facts presented are blended into this article are based on years of research fully documented in the acclaimed documentary, Resonance :Beings of Frequency(watch)

  Apologies for the length of the link. If you have problems with access contact me at and I will send an email with direct access. It is important that you view this information, so enjoy this article then settle in for a enlightening video.

In the early 1950s,Winfred Otto Schumann discovered the pulse of the Earth to be 7.83 Hz (Hertz) and he theorized  that humans thrive in resonance with that frequency. What has become known as the Schumann Resonance was found, rather than coming from within the surface, to be a vibrational resonance occurring between the surface and the ionosphere. A Hertz is a frequency based on the number of oscillations per second. The 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance is extremely low in comparison to most modern telecommunications radio waves which function at Mega-Hz in the millions of oscillations and Giga-Hz in the billions, with Terra-Hz in the trillions. Measurements of Hz also go the other way to nano and picoHz, and beyond to cosmic pulsations which are astronomically low.

Hans Berger, during investigation of  brain wave patterns and related frequencies,  identified a key brain wave pattern that was associated with creativity, performance, stress- anxiety response and immune system function. He named this discovery Alpha. The frequency of Alpha was very close to 7.83 Hz. Soon after, scientists at the Max Plank Institute were performing experiments on the Circadian Rhythm cycle. When human subjects were shielded from all earth and other frequencies, they experienced a decline in their physical and mental health. These subjects, while still in isolation, returned to health when the Schuman Resonance frequency was introduced into the environment. Similar 7.8 Hz technology was subsequently employed on spacecraft to protect from the malaise experienced by astronauts on missions outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Nobel prize winning biologist Luc Montagnier brought biology into the age of quantum mechanics when he transferred DNA fragments from one sealed test tube to a nearby sealed and sterile test tube filled with only pure water. After simultaneous exposure to a 7.83 Hz electromagnetic field, identical DNA fragments were then found in the sterile pure water. Montagnier concludes that “All life comes from life, with DNA exposed to low frequencies able to construct nucleotides. There is a bond between life and earth frequency.”

Artificial magnetic fields are disturbing the natural habitat of a number of species. Levels of electromagnetic energy and frequencies in our atmosphere have increased millions of times in just the past 50 years. The rapid net increase is overwhelming  natural background frequencies which have supported life on earth for millions of years. All life forms are electromagnetically sensitive. 70 % of the worlds’ food production relies on pollination . Bee colony collapse is a disorder  being observed worldwide. Birds, bees and insects rely on internal bioelectrical magnetic compasses that are being seriously affected by wireless radio frequencies. All species on earth have not acclimated to the exponential increases in levels of exposure to unnatural frequencies. Medical professionals are identifying the health impacts occurring at various levels of severity. The only country formally acknowledging Electro Sensitivity illnesses , among their population, is Sweden where 2.5% of the population is currently being treated. “EMF exposure doesn’t cause cancer directly, as much as it prevents our body from preventing and neutralizing the cancer.” 

Make time to watch the James Russell science and health impact based  film Resonance :Beings of Frequency. Here is an Amazon link.

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