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Op-Ed: Schumer visited every county in New York, but should visit US border

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By Larry J Penner, Great Neck NY

In 2023, just like in past 24 years, Senator Chuck Schumer has taken pride in visiting all 62 counties in New York State. He just visited Hudson, New York in Columbia County to complete his tour. These annual visits provide him with a better understanding of the needs for residents of each county.

When was the last time he visited our southern border? He could view first hand our ongoing invasion of illegal immigrants.

When will he visit the famous Manhattan Hotel Roosevelt or Brooklyn Floyd Bennet Field (in his home borough of Kings County) migrant shelters?

For the third year in a row, illegal migration will exceed 2 million. Schumer could also learn from border agents about their fight to stem the smuggling of fentynal. This drug is killing over 100,000 Americans every year

When will Schumer travel to to El Paso, Texas and observe this crises first hand? Perhaps it will convince him to stop holding up fully funding completion for construction of a border wall to protect our sovereignty as a nation.

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