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By Craig Braack

UR Noyes Health delivers 29th baby girl, in a row

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GALLERY: “it must be some kind of record”

From Noyes Health,

“We are on quite the girl streak lately,” said Brooke Sikes, Director of the Family Birthing Center at UR Medicine Noyes Health. “We have had 29 babies in a row that are girls! It is really exciting, it must be some kind of record.”

“Brooke emailed me this morning to let me know about all of the baby girls who have born here and thought it would be a good post for social media,” said Lynn White, Director of Marketing, Public Relations and the Foundation for Noyes Health.

Here are a few amazingly shots from this amazing group of ladies:

“She was definitely right! It’s just a cool story – really, what are the odds of delivering 29 girls in a row? I told her to keep me updated on the streak as more moms deliver their babies. The community seems really invested to see how long this streak can continue. I am right there with them.”

Is this a world record ? A quick google search provided nothing of substance, maybe our loyal readers can help verify ? ! ? ! Send us an email anytime:

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