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Thank you from Devin Congdon after winning the first round of “Bar Boss” competition!!

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Quarterfinals are underway, vote now!!

Marino’s bartender is competing in a national competition

From Devin Congdon,

By pure happenstance, I came across this bar boss competition that I thought would highlight not only myself but also marinos and Hornell. I entered the competition hoping to bring exposure to our community, myself, and Marino’s.

What started out as, I guess you could say, a vanity expedition, turned out to really gain traction through social media for which I am shocked but also grateful for. I owe Schatanna and Kevin and the Marino family a huge gratitude of thanks for providing me with the training, knowledge and platform to make this possible. Additionally, I adore my customers and find that my hours spent at Marino’s behind the bar are some of my favorite times. I want to thank all of our customers for making that a reality.


There is such a huge sense of community inside of Hornell. I thank you all for voting for me and I look forward to seeing you all at the other side of the bar at Marino’s for many days to come. Once I found out this was also for a good cause, it made me all the more ambitious. Not only do your votes go for me but also for the Kind Campaign. For those of you who don’t know about the kind campaign check it out here Both I and the Kind campaign appreciate your support. Please support Kind Campaign and your local bartender!

Cheers, Devin Congdon 🤟

Read our previous reporting on Devin’s conquest to become the “Bar Boss” and win up to $10,000 !!

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