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Frosty Fund Chronicles: An Exploration of Compassion at the Hornell Humane Society

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By: Johanna Elattar, pictured is Frosty in 2012

In the midst of January’s chill, the Hornell Humane Society embarks on its annual undertaking, a deep dive into the Frosty Fund—an initiative that transcends a mere financial aid program to become a beacon of hope for animals grappling with medical crises.

The genesis of the Frosty Fund harks back to January 1, 2009, when a resilient soul named Frosty, shrouded in burns and in desperate need of extensive medical attention, entered the compassionate fold of the Hornell Humane Society. The call for community assistance resonated far and wide, and the response was nothing short of extraordinary. The surplus funds amassed during this call to action gave rise to the Frosty Fund—a dedicated reservoir designed to alleviate the suffering of animals mirroring Frosty’s ordeal.

In an exclusive interview with Shelter Manager Laura Stutzman-Dunning, the driving force behind the Frosty Fund, she shared insights into its inception and the transformative impact it has had on the lives of countless animals. Stutzman-Dunning emphasized that the Frosty Fund is not merely a financial reservoir; it symbolizes a collective commitment to the well-being of animals in distress.

The Frosty Fund has become a lifeline for animals like Corona, a stray dog who found solace within the Hornell Humane Society in April 2023. Corona’s injuries, inflicted upon his hind legs and back, painted a bleak picture of his past. Swift action ensued, with emergency transport to a veterinary facility becoming a matter of urgency. As the layers of Corona’s story were peeled away, a heartbreaking narrative emerged—a hit-and-run incident weeks prior had left Corona without proper medical attention, forcing him to endure open wounds and infections. Thanks to the Frosty Fund, a pivotal decision was made to amputate his leg, paving the way for a brighter future. Renamed Charlie, Corona found his forever home, surrounded by a family that cherishes him beyond measure.

Blondie, a cat and Frosty Fund recipient in 2023, arrived from a high intake shelter requiring assistance in her crucial weight loss journey. Despite progressing well in her weight loss, Blondie experienced a sudden deterioration, leading to the rupture of both her eyes. There is a belief that an underlying condition linked to her obesity contributed to this unfortunate situation. Blondie underwent a double enucleation which is the surgical removal of an eye.

The fund has facilitated the spaying and neutering of 100 cats at the shelter, a testament to its multifaceted impact in the absence of comprehensive veterinary services. Collaborations with Bath Vet Hospital and a Perry, NY-based vet have broadened the reach of the Frosty Fund, establishing a network of support for those in need.

Yet, as the Hornell Humane Society navigates its compassionate journey, a pressing need for $20,000 looms on the horizon to sustain the Frosty Fund’s vital operations. Donations from the community serve as the lifeblood of this initiative, embodying a shared commitment to alleviating the plight of animals in distress.

While the Frosty Fund cannot rewrite every animal’s narrative, its commendable 95% success rate in securing happy endings for its beneficiaries speaks volumes. Tales of resilience echo through the shelter, emphasizing the profound impact of collective compassion on the lives of its furry inhabitants.

However, the call for support extends beyond financial contributions. The shelter appeals for volunteers, food donations, and assistance in fundraising endeavors. Urgent pleas for animals in need of medical care echo across social media platforms, particularly Facebook, where a simple like and share can exponentially increase the chances of an animal receiving the timely help it deserves.

As January unfolds, the Hornell Humane Society embarks on a mission, transcending the ordinary to delve deep into the intricate tapestry of the Frosty Fund. It is a saga of compassion, community, and resilience—a collective effort to illuminate the path toward a brighter, healthier future for the animals under the care of the Hornell Humane Society. Together, let us ensure that the Frosty Fund remains a beacon of hope, casting its warm glow on the lives it touches.

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