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Congratulations to Andy Robinson for being named Noyes Employee of the Month

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Andy is a valued member of the Noyes Health security team

From Noyes Health,

Some of his nominations include:

💙Andy is always pleasant and helpful to staff and patients but this morning I had a patient tell me about an incident that happened this summer that of course Andy didn’t think much of but was quite heroic in my opinion. The disabled patient was telling me that on a very hot day he was getting his wheelchair out of his vehicle and fell between the seats and got pinned and could not move his arms and it was about 115 degrees in his vehicle but thankfully the doors were still open and for an hour he would yell when he heard anyone outside for help and no one came to help until he yelled and Andy heard him and came over and helped him up and basically saved him from heat exposure or worse. On top of that this patient says they became friends and they have coffee at gift shop or cafeteria when he comes to Noyes. If that isn’t Employee of the Month criteria I don’t know what is.

💙Andy has always been a smiling face greeting patients to Noyes. His transition into security has been positive for the staff and patients. He can be seen all over the building helping patients, always with a smile on his face. He is taking his security role seriously and after incidents, comes back to discuss the case and increase his skill and knowledge on how to manage difficult situations. His concern for staff and patients show he has a kind soul and wants to help keep both staff and patients safe.

💙Never without a smile, Andy does everything from picking up trash in the parking lot, to assisting frail visitors into the facility and everything in between. He treats every moment of his job as if there is no time to waste and does it with an infectiously positive attitude and demeanor. He is a tremendous ambassador for Noyes and represents the best of what a community can expect from a local healthcare provider. I appreciate his teamwork and “can do attitude” and could not think of a better person to receive this honor.

💙Everyday Andy goes above and beyond to consistently improve patient and staff safety here at Noyes. Andy always has a smile on his face and is willing to help in any way he can.

💙Andy always has a smile on his face! He is caring and helpful to all areas. You will see him helping people get in or out of their cars, picking up trash in the parking lot, or ensuring that there are enough wheelchairs available for the public and staff to use just off the main lobby. You also see him inside the building helping other employees with tasks or helping patients/visitors find their way in our building. He is calm and thoughtful when in uncomfortable situations and we appreciate his presence during stressful times. Thank you Andy for all that you do!

💙I don’t think there is a person who represents Noyes better than Drew (Andy). He shows kindness to all he encounters and goes out of his way to help in any way he can.

💙Andy brings a smile to my face every morning. He is positive, energetic, and always willing to lend a helping hand. We appreciate you, Andy!

💙He goes above an beyond for the employees and patients. He does everything he can for anyone and always has a smile on his face.

💙Andy goes above and beyond every day. He is always pleasant, has a smile on his face, and is willing to help with anything. He literally pours his heart and soul into his job. Thank you Andy for all that you do. You are a role model for all employees!

To nominate a Noyes employee for Employee of the Month, click here:

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