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Letter to the Editor: Get on the kindness train today if you want to make a difference

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In the spirit of hope, just be kind

By Mike Howell, Wellsville

The Spirit of Hope lays heavily on my mind as I hear God’s word heavily upon my heart.

Looking around Wellsville I can clearly see the decline in the less fortunate although we are a great town compared to most places in America .

We look to the government to help and we complain and nothing changes.

Some background on Mike Howell and one of his first submissions.

Our focus should be on solutions instead of the issues. Who will answer the call to step in and help make a difference ? Our law enforcement cannot do it all and our unselfish first responder community is strained to the max.

So what is the problem and what is the solution? This should be on the minds of all individuals that care.

I believe that anyone can help someone with a kind word, a smile, and maybe offering direction.

It doesn’t have to be financially, it doesn’t take much to be kind.

I’m asking all readers to get involved in kindness!! Be kind towards others and pass the good word on!

Kindness, after all it starts in the heart and it helps others and helps you! Being kind, committing acts of kindness, are also good for your own health.

Smile often and be kind friends and stay safe out there . You may just be steering someone the right direction that they couldn’t see before.

Here is a great way to show some kindness!!

Send flowers to someone!! 18 stems for only $25

The deadline for this bouquet sale is Feburary 9th, benefiting the Home Care and Hospice Foundation Inc. Click/tap the entry form below to by online:

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