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K-9 Jack gives Painted Post firefighters a master class in detection arson

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K-9 Jack and Inv. Lewis out in the community last week doing a training session with Steuben County Emergency Services at the Painted Post Fire Department

From Painted Post Fire Department,

Last week, the Steuben County Emergency Services Fire Investigation Team, comprising K-9 Jack, Investigator Lewis, and County Fire Service Aid/Investigator Fitzpatrick, conducted an insightful training session on Fire Investigation awareness for the members of the Painted Post Fire Department. The presentation delved into the intricacies of the investigation process, the importance of preserving the rooms, what to be mindful of in a structure, what to report, and a special focus on the invaluable skills demonstrated by K-9 Jack in accelerant detection.

K-9 Jack, a certified Ignitable Liquid Detection Canine capable of identifying over thirty ignitable liquids, showcased his exceptional capabilities. The team’s expertise and the comprehensive overview of investigation phases were met with sincere appreciation from our department. Plus, we couldn’t resist giving him a few well-deserved head scratches! We extend our gratitude to the Fire Investigation Team for their dedication to advancing our knowledge and skills in this critical field. Such training sessions contribute significantly to our ongoing commitment to community safety.


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