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Two Call Men Appointed to City of Hornell Fire Department

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“Call men provide support services on an as-needed basis”

From the City of Hornell,

The City of Hornell Fire Department is pleased to announce the appointment of two call men, Justin Haynes and Eric Watkins, following unanimous approval by the Board of Public Safety at their February meeting. Call men are an integral part of the Hornell Fire Department, providing support services on an as-needed basis.

Chief Frank Brzozowski expressed confidence in the appointments, stating, “We are fortunate and excited to welcome Justin and Eric to our team. Both possess the required credentials and certifications, and we have great expectations for their contributions.”

Justin Haynes is a City resident and currently serves as a firefighter at the City of Corning Fire Department. Brzozowski highlighted Haynes’ enthusiasm to participate with the City of Hornell Fire Department as call man and stay involved in the community.

Eric Watkins also currently serves as a City of Corning fireman and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a career firefighter. Brzozowski commended Watkins for looking to stay involved and maintaining his skills as a call man. 

Mayor John Buckley was enthusiastic about the appointments, stating, “The City of Hornell provides outstanding service and having dedicated call-men is an integral part of that service. We appreciate Justin and Eric for offering their expertise and service to our community. We look forward to their contributions to the City of Hornell.”

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