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February 26-28 patrol logs for Hornell Police Department

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Heavy traffic enforcement, Harassment on Vanity Lane


12:08am              Property check.

12:11am              Medical emergency on Frank St.

12:31am              Traffic stop on Main St.

1:08am                Property check.

1:41am                Property check.

2:17am                Property check.

2:30am                Property check.

3:10am                Parking ticket issued.

4:53am                Suspicious vehicle on William Jackson Lane.

7:51am                School safety detail.

8:12am                Subpoena served.

8:49am                Court paperwork delivered to Hornell City Court.

9:12am                Traffic stop on Seneca St.

9:52am                Funeral Escort.

10:33am              Traffic stop on Leach Ave.

10:54am              Traffic stop on East Ave.

10:59am              Criminal mischief complaint on Allen St.

11:47am              Subpoenas logged.

1:03pm                Traffic stop on Cass St.

1:33pm                Disturbance on Terry St.

1:42pm                Check welfare on Spruce St.

2:02pm                Harassment complaint on S. Division St.

2:30pm                Dismissed UTT’s.

2:37pm                Criminal summons entered into RMS.

3:17pm                Animal complaint on High St.

4:49pm                Hazardous condition on Stephens St.

5:24pm                Dismissed UTT.

5:39pm                Juvenile incident on Terry St.

6:11pm                911 hang up call on Elizabeth St.

6:49pm                Juvenile incident on Broadway.

8:06pm                Dismissed UTT.

8:25pm                Check welfare on Crosby St.

9:01pm                Disturbance on Greeley Ave.

11:05pm              Noise complaint on Sawyer St. Site.


12:18am              Property check.

12:26am              Property check.

12:45am              Property check.

12:55am              Property check.

1:02am                Property check.

1:24am                Property check.

2:00am                Property check.

7:44am                Petit larceny complaint on Sawyer St. Site.

7:59am                Motor vehicle accident on Seneca St.

8:20am                School safety detail.

11:55am              Found property on John St.

1:08pm                Assist citizen on S. Division St.

2:02pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

2:21pm                Dismissed UTT.

2:26pm                Background check for contractor permit.

2:58pm                Assist citizen on Buffalo St.

3:35pm                Traffic stop on Ontario St.

3:49pm                Hazardous condition on Maple City Drive.

4:34pm                Traffic stop on Cass St.

4:43pm                Traffic stop on Main St.

5:07pm                Traffic stop on Main St.

5:21pm                Disabled vehicle on Maple City Drive.

5:54pm                Traffic stop on Main St.

6:19pm                Traffic stop on Main St.

6:40pm                Traffic stop on Canisteo St.

6:43pm                Check welfare on Ravine St.

8:09pm                Check welfare on Elizabeth St.

10:54pm              Patrol request on Church St. Court.


12:45am              Property check.

1:03am                Property check.

1:11am                Property check.

1:24am                Property check.

1:41am                Property check.

2:14am                Property check.

2:26am                Property check.

8:30am                School safety detail.

8:30am                Traffic stop on Loder St.

8:40am                Missing person on Pardee St. Located.

8:54am                Subpoenas logged.

10:00am              Medical emergency on Church St.

11:30am              Disturbance on Cass St.

12:00pm              Traffic stop on Buffalo St.

12:01pm              Disturbance on Cass St.

1:29pm                Warrant recall.

2:47pm                Subpoenas served.

3:20pm                Motor vehicle accident on Stephens St.

3:29pm                Wire down on Loder St.

3:57pm                Disturbance on Pine St.

4:18pm                Traffic stop in City Lot 3.

4:33pm                Background for contractor permit.

5:01pm                Harassment complaint on Vanity Lane.

7:12pm                Suspicious condition on Armory Place.

7:32pm                Traffic stop on Center St.

7:55pm                Traffic stop on Adsit St.

8:38pm                Traffic stop on Cemetery Hill.

8:39pm                Traffic stop on Center St.

9:30pm                Harassment complaint on Greeley Ave.

9:33pm                Medical emergency on River St.

10:21pm              Traffic stop on Mill St.

10:54pm              Motor vehicle accident at the Residences.

11:27pm              Subject fell on Main St.

11:46pm              Traffic stop on Taylor St.

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