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Protect and serve in the Maple City

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Hornell Police detail work March 30 thru April 2

From the City of Hornell Police Department logs,


12:05am              Noise complaint on Canisteo Street.

1:13am                Property check.

1:24am                Property check.

1:29am                Property check.

1:43am                Property check.

2:04am                Property check.

2:17am                Property check.

2:22am                Property check.

2:30am                Property check.

8:03am                Traffic stop on Park Drive.

8:05am                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

10:25am              Investigation on a prior motor vehicle accident.

10:33am              Handicapped parking permit issued.

11:01am              Traffic stop on Seneca Road.

11:06am              Dismissed UTT.

11:35am              Assisted a citizen on East Washington Street.

2:08pm                Neighbor dispute on Blaine Street.

2:40pm                Larceny complaint on Broadway. Subject was arrested for Petit Larceny.

3:26pm                Check welfare on Prospect Street.

3:50pm                Assist a citizen on Loder Street.

6:35pm                Animal complaint on Alley Avenue.

9:23pm                Juvenile incident on Ravine Street.

9:31pm                Complaint of an intoxicated person on Madison Avenue.


12:41am              Property check.

12:51am              Property check.

12:58am              Property check.

1:06am                Property check.

1:18am                Property check.

1:19am                Property check.

1:39am                Property check.

1:46am                Property check.

2:00am                Traffic stop on Seneca Street.

8:39am                Disturbance on Grand Street.

8:46am                Harassment complaint on Stephens Street.

10:05am              Motor vehicle complaint on West Main Street.

1:01pm                Parking complaint on Armory Place.

2:11pm                Assist citizen with a vehicle unlock on Pine Street.

3:03pm                Parking complaint on Wells Street.

4:20pm                Neighbor dispute on Wells Street.

5:12pm                Traffic stop on Buffalo Street.

7:28pm                Parking complaint on Wells Street.

8:07pm                Parking complaint on Grand Street.

8:40pm                Dismissed UTT.

8:42pm                Property check.

8:46pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

8:56pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

9:32pm                Traffic stop on East Main Street.

10:01pm              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

10:11pm              Assist a citizen on Elizabeth Street.


12:24am              Property check.

12:27am              Property check.

12:31am              Property check.

12:35am              Property check.

12:42am              Property check.

12:54am              Property check.

1:00am                Property check.

1:09am                Property check.

3:44am                Commercial police alarm on Main Street.

9:09am                Suspicious condition report on Loder Street.

9:28am                Parking complaint on Wells Street.

9:35am                Delivered court paperwork to Hornell City Court.

11:09am              Disturbance on Olive Place.

12:19pm              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

1:06pm                Forgery complaint on Oak Street.

1:46pm                Background check completed.

2:45pm                Dismissed UTT.

3:33pm                Animal complaint on Terry Street.

3:35pm                Juvenile incident on Terry Street.

3:35pm                Juvenile incident at James Street Park.

4:22pm                Animal complaint on Grand Street.

4:46pm                Dismissed two UTT’s.

5:06pm                Trespass complaint on Elizabeth Street.

6:54pm                Burglary complaint on Pearl Street.

7:05pm                Suspicious person complaint on Catherine Street.

7:44pm                Dog bite complaint on Delaware Avenue.

7:52pm                Traffic stop on Elm Street.

8:00pm                Disturbance on Stephens Street.

8:52pm                Disturbance on Stephens Street.

9:20pm                Traffic stop in the Hornell Plaza.

9:49pm                Noise complaint on Grand Street.

11:23pm              Traffic stop on West Genesee Street.

11:58pm              Property check.


12:02am              Property check.

12:02am              Property check.

12:04am              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

12:10am              Property check.

12:14am              Property check.

12:21am              Traffic stop on Main Street.

12:39am              Property check.

12:46am              Property check.

12:59am              Property check.

1:00am                Parking ticket issued on West Vanscoter Street.

1:06am                Check welfare request.

1:23am                Trespass complaint on Hill Street.

1:44am                Check welfare request on Main Street. Subject was arrested for DWI.

8:00am                Motor vehicle complaint on Maple City Drive.

9:36am                Issued handicapped parking permit.

11:53am              Dismissed UTT.

12:02pm              Divert referral.

12:34pm              Background check completed.

1:26pm                Parking complaint on Hakes Avenue.

1:40pm                Hazardous condition on Maple City Drive.

2:15pm                Assist citizen on Prindle Avenue.

3:28pm                Juvenile incident on Leach Avenue.

4:00pm                Prescription drug drop off.

4:09pm                Subject made a lost property report.

4:13pm                Juvenile incident on Church Street Court.

4:28pm                Assist citizen with a vehicle unlock on Seneca Street.

4:36pm                Subject made a found property report on Main Street.

4:46pm                Dismissed UTT.

4:56pm                Dismissed UTT.

5:13pm                DPW notification.

5:44pm                Traffic stop on Tuttle Street.

6:13pm                Traffic stop on Taylor Street.

6:16pm                Traffic stop on Pine Street.

7:25pm                Mental health complaint on Stephens Street.

7:55pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

8:05pm                Traffic stop on Main Street.

8:17pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

8:31pm                Traffic stop on Main Street.

8:43pm                Traffic stop on Main Street.

9:00pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

9:02pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

9:09pm                Traffic stop on Mill Street.

10:00pm              Traffic stop on Main Street.

11:53pm              Property check.

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