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Correa/Zandy family thankful for all the support

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“All the thoughts and prayers have helped, and they have paid off because Derek is a walking, living miracle”

A special guest visited the first-year CNC Manufacturing and Machining lab as the spring semester wound down. First year student Derek Correa reconnected with classmates, his professor Jeff Hellwig, and Alfred State administration during his visit to thank them for their support of his recovery.

Correa was assaulted in October and has faced months of recovery. A witness immediately reported the attack and University Police responded, rendered aid, and made arrests of four suspects from Elmira who were outsiders to the ASC community.

Derek’s mother, Alysia, provided an update. “They are trying to get his left side stronger. His left side is still weak, and his balance is still slightly off. He still needs to be supervised and once he can walk and stand better by himself, he can come back to school. He wants to come back and finish his degree.”

Derek is currently home and is receiving physical, speech, and occupational therapy. “Occupational therapy is helping him do daily tasks like making food, doing laundry, and playing games.”

As Derek spoke with classmates and his teacher, Alysia wanted to express her family’s thanks. “I truly appreciate everybody’s support. All the thoughts and prayers have helped, and they have paid off because Derek is a walking, living miracle. Alfred State and our hometown of Bradford, PA has been amazing through all of this, and I thank you all for it.”

Derek took pictures with his classmates and Alfred State leaders and even took the time to thank the Alfred State community in a video that was played during commencement.

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