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Cannabis delivery now available in Hornell, Arkport, Canisteo

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Alle-Catt Cannabis Company provides legal and discreet delivery of NYS grown products, must be 21 years old

By Andrew Harris

Big news for everyone who loves marijuana in the “greater Hornell” market ! Just like shopping for wine or cigars online, you can shop Alle-Catt Cannabis and have your cannabis, edibles, vapes, and more brought right to your door. The products that Alle-Catt offers are 100% legal, tested, grown(and taxed) in New York.

If you are sick of shady illegal shops, west coast after market surplus schwag, and worrying about authenticity and safety…. this is great news for you. You can now support a NYS licensed dispensary and the many growers who are playing by the rules, creating jobs, and investing in the new marketplace.

Alle-Catt is powered by the Canterra network, a licensed NYS dispensary based in Erie County. The products available for delivery are legal, they have undergone laboratory testing, and the plants are grown in NYS. In fact Alle-Catt is happy to point out that the Florette brand of products are grown just over the Steuben County line in next door Allegany County. Read all about Florette’s products below:

How to place an order ??? This super simple process allows you to shop online, get detailed information about the products available. Start with visiting Alle Catt Cannabis online, verifying your age, and then browse by categorie, brand, or discount shop!

How does delivery work?? After you place your order and select a day and window of time for delivery. A simple text message will contact you for payment via secure server with any credit or bank card. When the delivery is headed your way another text message arrives putting you in direct contact with the driver. You can accept the delivery at your home, meet up at the gas station, or even work(remember this is legal now,) just coordinate with the driver who is super.

Without any legal dispensaries to access in the Hornell area, this news needs to be shared with the community. If you don’t enjoy the plant, please forward to the cannabis connoisseur in your life!

Visit Alle Catt Cannabis Company online

Connect with Alle Catt on Facebook

*Full disclosure, Canterra LLC and Alle Catt Cannabis Company are marketing partners of the Hornell Sun.

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