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Michael T. Baldwin reports: Alfred State College Police Academy, interview

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Listen to Michael T’s talk with academy instructors and a recent graduate

Officers from Canisteo and Bath play a key role in the academy

Established in 2018, the Alfred State Police Academy serves as a regional center to offer high quality training to current and future law enforcement professionals. The four-month program operates in two phases with the first May 16-August 19 and the second runs August 22 until September 16. Kyle Amidon is the Canisteo Police Chief and the Academy’s Assistant Director

Canisteo Police Chief Amidon

Scott Richardson is the University Police Chief and the Academy Director. He notes cadets who attend the Alfred Academy have a much stronger career path.

Academy Director Scott Richardson

You have to be at least nineteen years old to attend, but there is no upper age limit. Walt Mackney is the Training and Faculty Coordinator. He says the Academy can make a great first or second career and is also perfect for adults whose manufacturing career vanished. He added physical training is age appropriate.

Veteran law enforcement professional Walk Mackney

There are scholarships available and the tuition pays for just about everything you’ll need. The requirements are stiff and Richardson and Amidon both praised the high-quality instructors. The course also provides guest speakers including prosecutors who lay down the law to the cadets, so to speak.

Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald is the liaison between the Academy and the college administration. Richardson had nothing but praise for her. He said “she’s been invaluable.”

Kendra Waters is a recent graduate who now works for three police departments and has lofty ambitions

Recent graduate and Cuba Police officer Kendra Waters

Brent Nadjadi now works for both the Bath and Canisteo police departments. The retired military veteran believes in service.

Officer Nadjadi

Officials said the Academy provides a solid foundation as a patrol officer, but also opens doors for the many associated law enforcement opportunities. For additional information, go to…at the top of the page click Continuing Ed and select the academy. You’ll find an application, frequently asked questions and more.  

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