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 John Kucko: Little Mill Creek in Wayland, NY

NY 23 Republican Primary results still unknown at the end of election day

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Langworthy appears to have a small margin over Paladino

As of 11:45pm, 98.5% of results have been counted

By Andrew Harris, photo by John Anderson

The competitive race between Western New York real estate mogul Carl Paladino and NYS Republican party chairman Nick Langworthy, a Chautauqua county native, is coming down to the wire.

NY Times political watchdogs reported early in the evening the Paladino had bested Langworthy at the polls but as rural district results trickled in, the race developed into a dead heat.

Paladino who controls valuable real estate all over the region, including Wellsville, has faired well in his home Erie County but small town Republicans appear to be voting for the more traditional Langworthy.

As of just before midnight on election day with 98.5% of the votes counted, Langworthy leads Paladino by about 4%.

Read John Anderson’s reporting of Langworthy’s visit to Wellsville last week and Syrena Lynn Carvers coverage of his Hornell backyard campaign event. He may very well be on his way to being our next Congressman.

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