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Celebrating Earth Day 2022

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Simple Actions Everyone Can Take, Starting Today, to Restore (Sequester) Carbon in the Soil and Mitigate Climate Change

Authored by Elizabeth Henderson

Eat organically grown food

Buy from local farmers who are organic and trade fairly

Use organic methods in your own garden or window box

Turn your yard into a carbon sink by doing some of the following:

Do not use synthetic nitrogen fertilizers

Make your own compost by mixing food and yard waste or sign up for a compost collection service

Increase biodiversity

If you must use pesticides, use organic pesticides that are not toxic to soil microorganisms – focus on prevention of pests

Reduce the area of lawn that you mow

Add white clover, birdsfoot trefoil, or native grasses for drought tolerance

Set your mower to 3 – 4 inches and leave grass clippings on the lawn

Preserve or add native plants

Observe the natural landscape and apply nature’s lessons

Grow more vegetables and flowers and less grass

Plant nitrogen-fixing cover crops in the walkways, such as white clover

Water infrequently and never more than 1″ per week including rainfall

Turn off automatic sprinklers

Divert roof run-off to low-lying areas or rain barrels

We can all start sequestering carbon today and every bit helps For more information on Soil Carbon Restoration: go to

Authored by Elizabeth Henderson, retired organic farmer, author, activist and a long-time  member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association.  She co-authored with Robyn Van En Sharing The Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture and other books and has served on the Board of Directors of NOFA New York and the Agricultural Justice Project. 

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